Published: Sun, May 28, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Trump Still Clueless About How NATO Works

Trump Still Clueless About How NATO Works

I do think Trump's visit to #NATO was the least effective of any American President since 1949. But Trump is merely the expression of much more fundamental tendencies. It's nearly inexplicable why a bloc of countries that is the wealthiest in the world is reticent to increase their defense budgets to 2 percent of GDP, a goal that some military strategists believe is too small given the weight of Europe's problems.

Trump also told his counterparts that he has won environmental awards in the past, Cohn said. Europe came to the NATO Summit this week ready to meet the president halfway. Only five of the 28 members now do this - the U.S., Greece, Estonia, the United Kingdom and Poland.

Finally, as aghast fellow leaders whispered amongst themselves, Trump blasted them for owing "massive amounts of money", leaving allies back in the uncertain space they were a year ago.

On the flight to Italy, Trump's economic adviser Gary Cohn repeated his threats. "Scotland? He said he had opened a club". The issue was making the rules of the game fair, he added. So no, they don't owe the United States anything, nor are they in violation of any agreement at this point. Milan Knezevic, leader of Montenegro's opposition and anti-NATO Democratic People's Party, said by phone that Trump's behavior "is clear proof that there's no such thing as equality in NATO", showing that the country is just a "smudge" on the alliance's map. Other major countries such as France, (1.8 percent), Germany (1.2 percent), and Canada (1 percent) fall far below. The US delegation blocked a proposal for dealing with the refugee crisis presented by the Italian hosts. But we'd prefer the former. Trump can certainly smooth the rough edges, because he doesn't do himself any favors when he publicly scolds America's closest friends and provides leaders like Merkel and Macron with another reason to worry about United States staying power in Europe.

However the political analyst further noted that nobody is taking Trump seriously. The outrage reached fever pitch in Germany.

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I know that Crimea belonged to Russia until Khrushchev lightly transferred it inside the Soviet Union to Ukraine in the early '50s, and that there were legitimate Russian concerns about where Ukrainian politics were going and how they would have an impact on the two million Russian-heritage Ukrainians in the east.

With that tense history in mind, some on social media did not take Trump's gesture as the kindest welcome to the alliance's new member. "The European Commission is now negotiating, on behalf of the EU states, some 20 trade deals around the world, including with countries like Japan, Singapore and Vietnam".

Trump is set to engage in discussions about the global economy and climate. The conflicts and tensions between the remaining members are now growing.

Jan Hartman also commented on what Donald Trump did not say in Brussels: he did not explicitly endorse NATO's common defense principle, the Article 5 of the alliance's treaty - that an attack on one is an attack on all. It was terrible enough that he used a memorial opening ceremony to make a politically contentious speech in which he railed against Nato members' low defence spending and, unlike any of his predecessors, avoided explicitly affirming Nato's pledge of mutual defence - the very Article 5 of the treaty that the memorial was supposed to commemorate. "Not so Trump today at Nato".

In these experts' view, the diversion represents a failure to recognize that Vladimir Putin's Russian Federation and groups like the Islamic State are both adversaries of the Western liberal order - two peas in the same anti-Western pod, so to speak.

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