Published: Tue, May 30, 2017
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Fisherman 'Stunned' After Great White Shark Launches Itself Into Boat

Fisherman 'Stunned' After Great White Shark Launches Itself Into Boat

MORE details have emerged about Saturday's dramatic incident at Evans Head, which left a 73-year-old fisherman suffering bites from a shark.

As for Selwood, he told the ABC he'll be out fishing again as soon as possible.

The shark measured 9 feet long-a pretty scary sight, considering Selwood's boat was only 15 feet long.

"As he was coming down, he hit me on the arm".

"Flash Gordon wouldn't have caught me", he said, referring to the athletic science fiction comic book hero of the 1930s.

"I didn't give it a chance to look me in the eyes".

"The fisherman was quickly transferred from his 5.5 metre Formosa onto the deck of Evans 30 where his injuries immediately assessed and treated".

"He didn't do anything structural to me boat, it just smashed anything that was in his road".

Bates mistook the serious danger of Selwood's radio call.

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"'I'm injured, I've broken my arm, I've got lacerations and there's a shark in my boat", the hapless fisherman declared to the maritime rescue squad.

"The WESPAC Rescue helicopter was also dispatched, landing nearby".

Bill Bates, a Marine Rescue Evans Head official, told BBC that when the rescue crew arrived, they found Selwood standing on the side of the boat. They later went back for the boat, where they found the deceased shark.

Local fisherman Terry Selwood was thrown down as the monstrous nine-foot shark, after slashing his arm bloody with a pectoral fin, collapsed in a heap and heaved violently on the deck.

He recounted scrambling to safety as the shark was "thrashing around madly".

"The shark was thrashing inside the boat, taking up the entire deck area - there was no way you'd put a foot in there", Bates said, cited by Australia's National Post.

A Department of Primary Industries spokeswoman confirmed to Fairfax Media that fisheries staff had since identified the shark, estimated to be 2.7 metres long, as a great white shark.

"This morning (Sunday) the shark was handed over to DPI and verified as a Great White Shark where it will be analysed and used for research".

And although he received a few stitches, rescuers joked that Selwood "now has an awesome survival story of 'the one that didn't get away'".

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