Published: Wed, May 31, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Who Can Figure Out the True Meaning of 'Covfefe' ???

The tweet would later be deleted, but not before six hours had elapsed and a zillion memes had been inspired.

The president hit send on an unfinished message with a head-scratching misspelling at the end of it.

The since-deleted tweet said "Despite the constant negative press covfefe".

Trump's tweet is the latest example of his ability to draw attention on social media - and keep the public guessing as to the meaning behind many of his remarks.

The term became a top trending item on Twitter, with many users supplying tongue-in-cheek meanings.

Though covfefe likely was a typo when the President meant to type coverage, he'll be waking up to a lot of Twitter sass.

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The White House has also not provided a name of who will be replacing Dubke's role. Dubke, who served in the post for three months, tendered his resignation May 18.

One user joked that "covfefe" is already a popular name for babies in states that voted for Trump.

A midnight tweet by Donald Trump unleashed a wave of speculation by internet users wondering what the U.S. president meant by writing "covfefe" in an apparently unfinished Twitter post that lingered online for hours.

Then, around 0945 GMT, more than five hours after it was posted, the mysterious tweet vanished.

When you search for "covfefe" on Merriam-Webster's overworked website, the dictionary suggests "coffee", "coven", "cover", "covet", "covey", and "cuvee".

Last night the freakish post even sparked concerns that Mr Trump might have stopped halfway through posting the tweet due to some kind of emergency. "Enjoy!" he tweeted, in an unusual display of self-deprecating humour.

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