Published: Thu, June 01, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

European Union head takes aim at Trump on climate deal

Trump claimed before taking office that climate change was a "hoax" created by China to hurt the USA economy, an assertion that stands in defiance of broad scientific consensus.

What is the Paris Agreement, anyway?

Without mentioning the USA specifically, he said China has been "actively promoting the Paris agreement and we were one of the first countries to ratify the Paris agreement".

"Please don't change the (political) climate for the worse", European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted.

European Union leaders and China vowed Thursday to push forward with the Paris Agreement on climate change as the world waits to see whether US President Donald Trump will pull out of the landmark accord.

Li said: "Fighting climate change is a global consensus, not invented by China", an apparent reference to a tweet Trump once made on the subject.

"But I hope that we can use our relationship with President Trump and our close relationship with the U.S. to try and influence, to try to make sure that they nevertheless take the right step".

"He is essentially saying, 'we are so hostile to the idea that climate change is occurring that we refuse even to discuss it with the global community'". Two senior United States officials familiar with Trump's plans told CNN on Wednesday that he is expected to withdraw from the Paris accord.

That possibility is now unfathomable to USA allies.

Prime Minister Modi meets King Felipe VI of Spain
Reciprocating the warm welcome, Modi said that he was privileged to have been able to visit Putin's hometown as Prime Minister. Looking at Putin, he said, "you are a political leader whose family has made sacrifices" for the glory of Russian Federation .

The two said in a letter to Energy Secretary Rick Perry that maintaining the commitment to the agreement and to US leadership on climate change will help protect future generations. "Leaving the Paris Agreement is a bridge too far", he said, but pulling out of the UNFCCC "would be nearly a declaration of war". Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and top adviser, has come to the view that the standards set out in the agreement did not work for the US economy and the question was whether to try to change those standards within the agreement or pull out, another senior administration official said.

Even without the USA, other major polluters around the world look ready to continue their efforts to ward off the climate crisis.

He added: "Fighting climate change is a global consensus, it's not invented by China. and we realize that this is a global consensus agreement and that as a big developing nation we should shoulder our worldwide responsibility".

Europe and China are meeting later this week for the annual EU-China summit.

Obama had made efforts during his administration to reduce United States emissions in an attempt to avert catastrophic climate change.

The EU and China have reportedly signed an agreement to counteract any action by the U.S. which might undermine the Paris agreement.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has welcomed China's commitment to stick to its climate treaty obligations.

According to CNN's John D. Sutter the 2 degrees goal is incredibly consequential. Low-lying nations are already struggling with sea level rise as the Arctic melts, and have been lobbying the United States to remain in the agreement. A pullout also would be one more step by the Republican president to erase the legacy of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who helped broker the accord and praised it during a trip to Europe this month.

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