Published: Thu, June 01, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Germany detects emissions cheat software in Audi models-Bild

Germany detects emissions cheat software in Audi models-Bild

Today, Audi reiterated that the two new SUVs will expand their SUV range, but they've revealed far more about their future direction, after a briefing to shareholders at its annual meeting in Neckarsulm, Germany.

But a big bit of Audi's future will revolve around electrification of their cars, with the aim that, by 2025, one third of Audi's cars will be either BEVs or hybrids, utilising architecture which is being developed with Porsche for both companies to utilise.

The focus for 2017, he said, would be on luxury models, with new generations of the A8 and the A7 - the A8 to make its world debut at the first Audi Summit in Barcelona on 11 July, as part of a new presentation format emphasising what it is that makes Audi different. Once established the company intends to start offering electrified versions of its core model range as predicted demand for electric cars increases.

Audi will launch three all-new, all-electric e-tron models before 2020, in addition to two recently announced new conventional SUVs, the Q4 and Q8. Audi will also launch their battery-electric e-tron models.

United States stages successful test of ICBM defence system
The interception is a move that the Pentagon says is akin to hitting a bullet with another bullet - though at far higher speeds. It was not a mock-up of an actual North Korean ICBM, and details of its exact capabilities weren't made public.

It also means that Audis could switch to rear-wheel drive; now, its non-quattro cars have front-wheel drive.

Another was MyAudi, Audi's online services platform.

During the shareholder meeting, Audi also outlined its plans for autonomous vehicle technology, now that it has been given ultimate responsibility for developing self-driving cars for the entire Volkswagen Group. With this, Audi plans to rope in existing service providers to offer mobility services worldwide. Its subsidiary, Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH, is working on the technology for driverless vehicles in urban environments which will be ready for application in a first small series of cars early in the next decade.

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