Published: Thu, June 01, 2017
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Hartford mayor: Aetna to move headquarters from Connecticut

Hartford mayor: Aetna to move headquarters from Connecticut

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin says based on "mulitiple conversations with Aetna's senior leadership", it's clear the city icon is fixing to relocate out of CT.

"We don't have to be NY or Boston to be competitive, but we have to recognize that strong, fiscally sound, culturally vibrant metropolitan areas are key to economic growth", he said.

But the most recent speculation has centered on an Aetna move to New York City, first reported in columnist Kevin Rennie's Daily Ructions blog.

Bronin has called an afternoon news conference to discuss the situation.

"Malloy told reporters: ".it is my personal belief that some amount of change is coming, and that it will likely include a change in their headquarter designation, along with some number of executive positions".

Dannel P. Malloy has praised Aetna Inc. for the insurance giant's commitment to CT, and offered support to the company and its 6,000 state employees.

Aetna said in a statement that it was negotiating with several states about relocating to a location where it could broaden talent: "We remain committed to our Connecticut-based employees and the Hartford campus, and hope to have a final resolution by early summer".

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Malloy said he believes the vast majority of these jobs will stay. Aetna Fire Insurance Co. started there in 1819.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said after meeting with senior company officials he believes Aetna has already made the decision to leave CT and that the move is another sign the state needs to do more to bolster its cities.

Malloy said he believes Aetna will continue to have a large presence in CT.

Malloy said he believed the "vast majority of the 5,800 jobs in CT will stay here, and that they could continue to choose CT as their regulator", according to prepared remarks.

"Clearly wheels are in motion, this has been going on for a while, but the question in CT people need to ask is what are we going to do about this right now?" "CT has the opportunity to be one of those places, but we need to marshal the full strength of our region and our State to invest in a strong, vibrant Capital City - not at the expense of our suburbs and small towns, but for the sake of Connecticut's economic future, because we're all tied together". He said Aetna ultimately would like to be like Amazon and essentially provide logistics or support to help people figure out what they need to be happy and healthy and to get any chronic conditions under control.

Last year, General Electric made a decision to move from Fairfield to Boston. "We remain committed to our Connecticut-based employees and the Hartford campus".

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