Published: Thu, June 01, 2017
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Let me fulfil the promise of Brexit, PM pleads

But it comes after a hard week which has seen her campaign wobble following a shrinking poll lead, indications the election may lead to a hung parliament and criticism over her refusal to take part in head-to-head TV debates.

The latest figures come after the Prime Minister faced criticism last night for being absent from the leaders' debate.

May chose to stick to her decision not to take part even though Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn announced he would do so earlier Wednesday.

He said: "Where do you think Theresa May is tonight?" Take a look out your window.

The pound wobbled overnight after a shock projection forecast that May - who had been on course for a landslide just a few weeks ago - could actually lose her majority in the House of Commons after next week's vote.

In the televised debate, Rudd accused Corbyn of having drawn up a "fantasy wishlist" manifesto paid for with a magic "money tree", and noting that most of his MPs backed a failed coup against him past year.

Ms Lucas slammed the Tory cabinet minister, asking her how she can sleep at night knowing the level of arms the United Kingdom sells to Saudi Arabia amidst a brutal bombing campaign in neighbouring Yemen.

Green party co-leader Caroline Lucas said the "first rule of leadership is to show up". She says she's the only political leader tough enough to face the European Union in divorce talks, depicting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a die-hard socialist who lacks the backbone to stand up for Britain.

Mr Corbyn was replaced at the event in Stroud by the Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner. Under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour is looking backward, to the failed, hard-left policies of the 1970s. "Have you seen people sleeping around our stations?" he said.

Trump asks world leaders to call him on his cell phone
A majority of Americans - 61 percent - think Trump does more harm than good when he speaks on behalf of his administration. Anonymous sources told the AP Trump has given his private cellphone number to leaders from Mexico, Canada and France.

"After last night it's clearer than ever that just 11 days after the election when the negotiations begin, Jeremy Corbyn's focus wouldn't be on trying to negotiate a deal for Britain in Europe, but on trying to stitch up a deal with Nicola Sturgeon and the rest", the PM said.

The magazine said: 'Though she is in a different class from Mr Corbyn, there are also doubts about her leadership.

Mr Corbyn defended his speech last week linking the Manchester bombing to Britain's military interventions overseas, winning support from Mr Robertson and applause from the audience. "Yes, there is a block of those that now have a massive debt, and I'm looking at ways that we could reduce that, ameliorate that, lengthen the period of paying it off, or some other means of reducing that debt burden".

She added: "We have to stop thinking, as you do, that there is a magic money tree".

As the campaign now enters its final week, Mrs Church said the Labour message was being well received on the doorstep.

The opposition Labour party, which was against Brexit but has accepted the June 2016 referendum result, has said its Brexit focus would be to fight to protect workers' rights, environmental protections and access to the single market for United Kingdom business in Brexit talks.

The same story features on the front of the Sun, saying that she will deliver what Leavers voted for.

Labour are on 39 per cent from 36 per cent, which is the narrowest gap YouGov polling has had in the race to date.

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