Published: Thu, June 01, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Trump's Budget to Preserve the Swamp?

"The Medicaid cuts being proposed by Republicans and Donald Trump are not only unconscionable but also represent a monumental lie to all of America - particularly Trump voters - who were told that Medicaid cuts would not happen if he was elected", he said in a statement.

A day after the budget's release, a handful of senior administration officials fanned out on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, facing tough questions from Democrats opposed to the blueprint for the upcoming fiscal year and Republicans skeptical about the administration's math. Lawmakers from both parties have said major changes will be needed as the measure moves through Congress. And it omits any proposal for negotiating prescription drug prices, a frequent Trump talking point. However, that goal depends on growth projections that many private economists view as overly optimistic. "Republicans care about the elderly", the founding member of the House Freedom Caucus emphasized.

During the campaign, Trump attacked the weak economic growth of the Obama years, and pledged that his economic program would boost growth from the lackluster 2 percent rates seen since the recovery began in mid-2009.

They point in a direction supported by many of Mr. Trump's followers, but practical politics will likely restore numerous cuts and lead to increases in Mr. Trump's spending plan.

"The president believes that we must restore the greatness of our nation and reject the failed status quo that has left the American dream out of reach for too many families", the administration said in its budget which was titled, "The New Foundation for American Greatness".

But in a press briefing Tuesday, White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said that the proposed budget doesn't touch Social Security retirement or Medicare.

The former tea party congressman told the Budget Committee that he went line by line through the federal budget and asked, "Can we justify this to the folks who are actually paying for it?" Sure, he'll continue to make speeches about his great wall and his anti-immigration positions with the passion that got him elected, but don't count on him to go to the mat for work requirements, Medicaid reforms and a reduction in the food stamp rolls.

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Mulvaney also took issue with the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's scoring of House Republicans' bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The administration also promises a balanced budget in a decade based on rosy economic estimates, including 3 percent growth. Specifically, GOPers have already made clear that they have zero appetite for pursuing the spending cuts and program terminations recommended in the administration's budget proposal.

Many rank-and-file Republicans recoiled from the cuts, however, which would squeeze foreign aid and domestic programs funded annually by Congress by about 10 percent next year and $1.4 trillion over the coming decade. The budget proposes to reduce funding by about 20 percent over the next two years, and $6 billion over ten years. "This budget - and you know this - it will push millions of people into poverty and over the edge".

Other cuts in Trump's budget include $63 billion in cuts to pension benefits for federal workers by eliminating cost-of-living adjustments for most workers and requiring employees to make higher contributions.

On May 23, the White House released its full budget proposal, which not only calls for kicking millions of working- and middle-class Americans off vital public assistance programs to make room for enormous tax cuts for top income earners, but also bases its tax revenue projections on expected annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 3 percent by 2020.

By 2027, the end of the period covered by the Trump budget projections, annual Medicaid spending will be reduced by 47.2 percent, almost half.

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