Published: Thu, June 01, 2017
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Watch Jeremy Corbyn argue why Theresa May should debate him on TV

Watch Jeremy Corbyn argue why Theresa May should debate him on TV

Theresa May ripped into Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in her most personal attack yet, warning voters that should he win June 8 elections he would go "alone and naked" into Brexit talks starting next month.

With May deciding not to take part, the Conservatives' home secretary Amber Rudd will represent her party at the televised debate in Cambridge instead.

Other stories making the headlines include a "secret plan" by Labour to increase migration, as covered by the Telegraph and Daily Mail, while Guardian columnist Rafael Behr takes down the Prime Minister for repeating her mantra about "no deal is better than a bad deal" on Brexit, suggesting that while it appears popular, it's also a "nonsense".

Ms May made clear early in the campaign that she would not take part in TV debates, apparently judging that she had little to gain given her commanding poll lead.

The BBC Election Debate 2017 is on BBC One at 19.30.

"I invite her to go to Cambridge and debate her policies, debate her record, debate their plans, debate their proposals and let the public make up their mind".

According to analysts, television debates generally do not affect the outcome of British general elections, but this could've given both parties, especially the Conservatives, a chance to give new life to a lackluster campaign following the Manchester bombing.

May declined a face-to-face debate with Corbyn, whose opposition party has in recent days narrowed the gap in opinion polls, though the ruling Conservatives remain in front.

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Speaking with NME editor Mike Williams recently, Corbyn was asked why May won't debate him on TV.

"It's not on anybody's agenda, it's certainly not on my agenda and, do you know what, I had a very nice chat with the Queen", he said.

"Another five years of the Tories would be disastrous for our public services" - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn from a speech he is due to deliver on Wednesday.

"I think it's actually about getting out and about, meeting voters and hearing directly from voters".

The Labour leader will join the leaders of the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru, and the SNP's leader at Westminster, at the BBC event, which has been boycotted by the Prime Minister.

Which can be seen in two ways: as the confidence of a leader who never thought he would be so close to the vestibule of 10 Downing Street; or as an own goal, an invitation to the Tories to rework their damaging charge against Labour in 2015, namely that if you buy Jeremy you get Nicola as a twofer, whether you like it or not.

The second most popular, with just over a thousand retweets, was a viewer quoting Jeremy Paxman, who said European Union negotiators might think Theresa May was a "blow-hard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire".

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