Published: Fri, June 02, 2017
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France says no trace of Russia hacking Macron

France says no trace of Russia hacking Macron

"We spoke about the Ukrainian crisis, spoke about the possibilities of settling the Syrian problem and, naturally, we also touched upon such a complex and, in my mind, unsafe situation as the situation with the nuclear problem in North Korea and with the North Korean missile program", the Russian leader said.

Mr Putin declined to comment on the media ban, but brushed off the hacking allegations, saying: "Actions can not be based on hunches, hunches that are moreover unconfirmed". They hugged goodbye and shook hands, both smiling, at the end.

US President Donald Trump talked to the leaders of Germany, France, Canada and Britain by telephone to personally explain his decision to abandon the landmark Paris climate agreement, the White House said today.

Monday's visit offered Putin and Macron a chance to reset a relationship that got off on a less-than-ideal foot during Macron's presidential campaign.

Moscow strongly denied all allegations of meddling in the French election that Macron won on May 7. Under Putin, a former KGB officer with a strongman image, Russian Federation had supported far-right leader Marine Le Pen in France's presidential election this year.

Mr Macron was the first Western leader to speak to Mr Putin after the Group of Seven summit the French leader attended over the weekend, where relations with Russian Federation were a key topic.

During Monday's meeting, Putin is said to have promised Macron "the whole truth" regarding abuses against gay men in Chechnya.

He said the meeting with Le Pen didn't represent an attempt to sway the race. Putin agreed to more cooperation between the two countries.

Macron and Putin sought to improve their countries' strained ties during talks the French leader described as "extremely frank".

France flies warplanes over Syria and Iraq, striking Islamic State targets as part of an worldwide coalition.

"The bottom line is that the Paris Accord is very unfair at the highest level to the United States", he said.

Russian Federation has staunchly backed Syrian President Bashar Assad throughout the conflict, while France has pushed for Assad's removal from office.

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The school where he studied from is run by a man identified as Abhitendra Kumar, son of a BJP activist Jawahar Prasad Singh. Another incident was added to the list of controversies when humanities topper Ganesh Kumar reportedly went missing.

Macron said he wants a democratic transition in Syria, but not at the cost of the war-torn country becoming a failed state.

"According to our information, there is no proof that chemical weapons were used by Assad".

Western sanctions, imposed after Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014, have been ratcheted up since pro-Russian rebels carved out a breakaway region in eastern Ukraine.

Talk about making a statement. They commemorate an array of battles - from Tolbiac, waged by King Clovis in 496, to Wagram, won by Napoleon in 1809.

Commenting on rumors about alleged interference of Russian hackers in the French presidential election, Putin reminded there were no hard facts proving this.

Considering that Versailles was a prestigious place from which the royal power of a France was exercised, notably as the world's leading power during the reign of Louis XIV, Macron probably sought to indicate that Paris treats as equal with Moscow and subscribed to analysis that indicates that France has little reason to blush against Russian Federation. "Our relations must be normalized". "We can no longer accept this discourse of negation by Russian Federation against homosexuals".

"I will be demanding in my exchanges with Russia", Macron said after the G7 summit on Saturday.

He hosted Ms Le Pen in the Kremlin a month before the election's first round.

"We don't see one concrete fact either about hackers or about some secret probes into election meddling in nearly every Western country, or on the issue of accusations of rights abuses of LGBT representatives in Chechnya", Lavrov told journalists.

The French president, however, came prepared. They held a banner "Stop homophobia in Chechnya" at a square in front of the Eiffel Tower.

'President Putin told me... he had undertaken several initiatives on the subject of LGBT people in Chechnya, ' Macron said.

Putin later went to an exhibition on Peter the Great, who visited France in 1717.

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