Published: Fri, June 02, 2017
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Green alliance delivers pact to Lieutenant Governor's residence

Green alliance delivers pact to Lieutenant Governor's residence

Behind-the-scenes negotiations intensified after election officials confirmed Courtenay-Comox for the New Democratic column and eventually culminated in Monday's announcement by Weaver and Horgan that they had struck an agreement to replace the government of Clark under a confidence and supply agreement scheduled to last four years. For the full wording of the agreement, click this link; it covers the parties' intention with regard to several issues. Green MLAs may argue in favour of tolls, but they will support the budget, one of the critical "confidence votes" that must pass if the minority government is to survive.

- Invest in home care to enable seniors and other people who need assistance to stay in their own homes.

NDP and Green MLAs met at the B.C. legislature Tuesday to sign the agreement, to be forwarded with a letter to Lt. Governor Judith Guichon this week asking for consideration of their status to govern. Will never vote Green again! Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran said he was glad the political direction of the province has been clarified.

"The result of the election was clear".

At that time, there may have still been hope that the BC Liberals would remain the sitting government and an agreement of some sort could be made with the Green Party.

The future of the George Massey tunnel replacement bridge is now in doubt with the NDP ready to form government.

The lieutenant-governor's decision is expected to be revealed over the next few weeks. "The responsibilities that voters have asked us to carry out". Here's a look at five major items the parties have agreed to work on together.

"With your help, we can continue to make politics in BC more collaborative, respectful and focused on people, not special interests. Canada isn't coming anywhere near meeting a target that we've signed up for". "This is an incredible opportunity for teamwork on the issues that matter to British Columbians".

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The government in British Columbia has been in turmoil ever since the Liberals won 43 seats, the NDP 42 and the Green Party won a historical 3 seats in the recent provincial election - giving the Green Party the balance of power. He echoed Clark's election-night comments that the almost exact split in votes between the B.C. Liberals and the NDP is a message to all parties to work together.

Prior to the election campaign, NDP leader John Horgan said he wanted to keep his options open and reassess the project.

Alternately, they could attempt to seduce a Liberal MLA into the role, reducing their opponents to 42 seats in the Legislature.

In a news conference before a copy of the agreement was released, B.C. Liberal Premier Christy Clark announced that she will not resign.

"But they've put it in writing that they will support the New Democrats".

While interprovincial pipelines remain the jurisdiction of Ottawa, he said a province could put up roadblocks, such as refusing logging permits for construction or insisting on a provincial environmental assessment.

"I think proportional representation would be incredible", said Prest, "and if we can show in the next four years that a minority government can work well, that people can collaborate and agree and move forward on big decisions, I think it can be a really bright future for our province".

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