Published: Fri, June 02, 2017
National | By Rosalie Gross

Incident involving 'man with weapon in terminal' reported at Orlando airport

Police at Orlando International Airport say they are now negotiating with the alleged gunman, who is contained within the rental vehicle area of Terminal A.

An armed man at Orlando International Airport prompted a massive law enforcement response that closed Terminal A, authorities said Tuesday night.

The incident caused several flight delays, but for the most part operations were not greatly impacted.

Turner waited for an opportunity to run to safety, and when she did, she said she saw the suspect point what appeared to be a gun at his own head.

"We will brief ASAP at media briefing location", the Orlando Police Department tweeted.

Angel yelled at Pettigrew to drop the weapon, but he did not, the report said.

Images posted on social media showed a heavy police presence in the area and passengers were anxious about missing flights.

Comey was 'incompetent' to interfere on 'fake information'
Senator Lindsey Graham told CNN he doubted the Kushner reports were accurate. "I don't know why people do it", Kelly said of the leaks.

Once the area was evacuated and Pettigrew was surrounded, Mina said a crisis negotiator was able to get Pettigrew to surrender without shots being fired.

Everyone is safe", Orlando police tweeted shortly after 7: "30 am IST on Wednesday.

He was booked into the Orange County Jail on an aggravated assault on a firefighter charge, records show.

He told Channel 9 that he was grateful they were behind schedule. No shots were fired, she said.

Images posted on social media showed a heavy police presence in the area, with passengers reporting they were told to "get back" by officers.

A mentally distressed former Marine who was armed with a fake gun during what officials called an attempt at "suicide by cop" at Orlando International Airport said he wanted to speak to the president. Terminal A was shut down as law enforcement cleared the first floor.

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