Published: Fri, June 02, 2017
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It's time for another Warriors-Cavs rematch

It's time for another Warriors-Cavs rematch

Golden State answered with a 126-91 rout almost a month later, leading by as much as 39 points at home.

iOS & Android NBA Finals 2017 Live Stream! For Cleveland, there was nothing "quote unquote" about its historic comeback in last year's Finals - down 1-3, the Cavs roared back to win in seven games.

"Everybody's susceptible to that", Green said Wednesday, one day before the Warriors open their third straight NBA Finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Warriors had 31 assists and four turnovers.

Game 1 is Thursday at Oracle Arena, where the Cavaliers won their first championship previous year by becoming the first team to rally from a 3-1 deficit in the finals.

For Warriors forward David West, it was the 1989 NBA Finals, the Lakers falling to the Bad Boy Pistons when Magic Johnson came up limp with a hamstring injury.

This matchup has seemed ordained since James walked off the court in Oakland last June, having delivered his native northeast OH its first major team championship since 1964. "I'm excited this worked out that I could be here". The Warriors are back with a more formidable team after adding Kevin Durant, a healthier one after Stephen Curry was banged up last postseason, and not even LeBron James and the Cavs are given much chance of stopping them.

While much of the focus leading up to Cavs vs. Warriors III has been on how the addition of Kevin Durant to Golden State's star core led by Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson will make life even more hard for LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers, there are several other newcomers to the rivalry who could play a key role in determining which team wins a second title in this trilogy. Some consider Tristan Thompson to be that guy. "Obviously when you play against somebody and it's the third time in a row and split the seasons and championships, they don't like each other".

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I know what you're thinking: How is Durant's choice different than LeBron's decision to form a super team in Miami seven years ago? Kyrie Irving, a short-term Dukie, is their point guard. It's how that talent has been woven into two dynamic teams that owe their success as much to sharing the ball, moving on offense and prioritizing the unglamorous act of playing defense. But it was all worth it because of the quest for a championship.

"I imagine I'm going to coach until Steve tells me he's ready", Brown said. They've passed less than they did in the regular season, and for a team that loves to forgo good shots for great ones, that's a scary proposition.

Indeed, Mike Brown has done well leading the Warriors through the playoffs since Kerr stepped aside midway through Golden State's first round series. The Warriors are the first team to enter the NBA Finals without a loss in the first three rounds. Welcome to the grudge match. "I'm sure LeBron probably thinks he could play better, and you tip your hat off to KD".

During last year's finals, the Warriors had to cope with Harrison Barnes' inconsistent shooting. "It kills you. But we learned from it", said Warriors guard Klay Thompson. The Warriors were getting whatever they wanted inside and in transition. The same teams have been showing up for this last supper now three straight years. "It kind of goes without saying".

If Durant keeps it up and fellow ex-NBA MVP Steph Curry (28 points, 10 assists) keeps doing his thing, it might not matter what LeBron does the rest of the way.

Some have waited longer than others.

Sammy Criscitello: The best National Basketball Association team of all time added the second best player in the league to their roster, how are we even debating this?

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