Published: Sun, June 04, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Bernie Sanders 'impressed' by United Kingdom candidate Jeremy Corbyn

The Conservative leader was asked why she had changed her mind on holding an election, and on her position towards the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

Craig Mackinlay, 50, who is standing for re-election as the member of parliament for South Thanet in southeastern England, was charged with making false claims about his spending, Britain's Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said. Now, why I set out those dates is that that is what Theresa May is telling us right now the end of the process will be. I think they understand.

She went on to outline the Conservative plans to increase the amount people can earn without paying tax to 12,500 (A$21,648.55) and raising the 40p tax threshold.

Mr Corbyn, a long-standing advocate of nuclear disarmament, struggled and was accused of "dodging the question" by veteran host David Dimbleby as he refused to say what he would do if Britain was threatened with a nuclear strike. There were dozens of seats "switching between us and them in key battlegrounds", a senior strategist for the Conservatives told Business Insider.

His comments were the first to explicitly rule out an income tax increase for higher earners.

Fallon told the UK's Daily Telegraph newspaper that the Conservative Party would not hike the top rate of income tax, striking a contrast with the main opposition Labour Party.

Criticising Mrs May's record, he said: "You can not protect the public on the cheap. [When] people can't get the education the want and the qualifications they want - we all lose".

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"These are unusual times, so we don't know what will happen, but the Labour 40 per cent share. does include a lot of younger voters who have not voted before, people who don't normally vote", Ipsos MORI chief executive Ben Page said on Friday, after his company put the Conservatives on 45 per cent and Labour on 40 per cent.

Asked what Jeremy Corbyn should do if he doesn't become Prime Minister after Thursday's vote, 45% said he should resign, 35% said he should stay on as Labour leader and the rest were unsure.

The Conservative manifesto has ruled out an increase in Value-Added Tax, suggesting that the Chancellor Philip Hammond might well increase National Insurance contributions, as he had planned to in the Budget, but reversed after protests.

It might not have been the head-to-head many people wanted - which Mr Corbyn said was a "shame" - but the audience didn't hold back when it came to asking hard questions. "I think it's a shame the Prime Minister hasn't taken part in a debate". Mrs May said she would "make no excuses" for the way she had been treated and people with mental health issues had to be given "more support at an early stage".

Senior Tories have indicated a possible u-turn over one of their policies after saying that income taxes "will not rise" if their party remains in power after the election.

A new survey has found 49.7% of respondents in the region believe the announcement of the Conservative plan to make people use all but £100,000 of their assets to pay for social care followed by the clarification that the total amount paid would be capped has damaged Theresa May's ability to lead a "strong and stable" government.

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