Published: Mon, June 05, 2017
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Eight police fired 50 bullets to stop London attackers

In March, four people were killed in London after Khalid Masood rammed his auto into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before fatally stabbing a policeman outside the Houses of Parliament.

Attacking people after abandoning the van, they headed to Borough Market where the pubs and restaurants were packed with Saturday night crowds, many watching the Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid in Cardiff.

Key questions remain, including whether the attackers had support or were part of a larger network, and whether the attacks were coordinated.

He said he managed to get near one attacker and "hit him around the head" with a bread basket.

A witness to the aftermath of the London Bridge terror attack has told of his horror and fear at the chaotic scenes unfolding outside his home on Saturday night.

Another witness, Brad Myers, said heard a "boom" behind him, which he thinks was the sound of a auto hitting the guardrails or other vehicles. At 2.13 a.m. BST (9.13 p.m. ET), London Ambulance announced that at least 20 people were taken to six hospitals in the capital.

Trump's tweets came the day after he touted his so-called travel ban in the wake of the London terror attacks, while also pledging assistance to Britain.

In March, a British convert to Islam ran down people with a vehicle on Westminster Bridge, killing four, then stabbed a policeman to death outside Parliament.

Jack Applebee, a local restaurant owner, said people were running down the street and he heard a female shout, "They're stabbing everyone".

After London Terror Attack One Love Manchester Tribute Concert Goes On
The star-studded event comes nearly two weeks after 22 people died during an attack at Grande's show in Manchester , England. Fans were urged not to bring bags in order to speed up searches as people entered the concert.

Barman Alex Martinez was forced to take shelter in a bin when one knifeman entered El Pastor restaurant. Police escorted them out 30 minutes later. Terrorism struck at the heart of London, police said Sunday, after a veh.

The National Health Service said meanwhile that 21 people remained in critical condition.

One Spanish citizen was injured, the embassy said, but is not in a life-threatening condition.

Only hours before, bursts of gunfire echoed through the streets - likely from armed police - and at least three blasts rang out as officers performed controlled explosions. Police shot dead three attackers while hundreds ran for their lives in the chaos. He turned and saw three men wearing belts or vests with packets around the belly.

Authorities announced 12 arrests on Sunday. She went on to say the United Kingdom needed undertake new efforts at home, and reach new global agreements with other countries to help "deprive the extremists of their safe spaces online".

The general election will go ahead as planned on Thursday.

The opposition Labour Party says it will also suspend campaigning until Sunday evening.

Mr Farron meanwhile said: "Sadiq Khan has shown calm and dignified resolve in the face of these cowardly terrorist attacks". Khan spoke those words in a television interview Sunday in the context of reassuring Londoners about an increased police presence they might see. An helicopter lands on London Bridge after an attack in central London, Saturday, June 3, 2017.

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