Published: Tue, June 06, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Cavaliers remain winless in NBA Finals games coached by Mike Brown

It's not hyperbole that has folks comparing them to the best teams in National Basketball Association history and wondering what sort of dynasty this team could form moving forward with this talented, unselfish core able to be secured in place for years to come.

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"Honestly, I was rushing to begin with because I felt like there was an angle here, and angle there, [but] there wasn't because of a huge crowd on that right side of the floor", Curry said. "We're anxious about the series right now". For him to do that, the one time he scores over him, is just ridiculous.

The Warriors play the most ideal style I have ever seen. Can we do that?

"We have to figure out a way to get him going early". That's the question sometimes.

But we are so certain we know how this is going to down this morning, just like we were absolutely certain previous year. We don't throw away Jordan's Bulls despite the ugly, hyper-physical style everyone played then. "That's all the motivation we need", Green said. But we hadn't seen it exactly like this.

Between that and forward LeBron James' persistence to opt out frequently to obtain the most cash possible for the following season also hurts the Cavaliers' flexibility to acquire the best possible 15 players.

"You know what that look is?" Curry danced around James before eventually laying one in. Most recently, Stephen Curry rattled off a 50/45/90 season last season on his way to the first ever unanimous MVP.

Warriors rout Cavs, take 2-0 lead in finals
These are the two best teams in the National Basketball Association , yet it's as though they are not playing the same game. Sure, there are several great players in the league. "If we play that same game in Cleveland, there's no way we win".

And while LeBron devoured the East like it was an afternoon snack and is still personally feasting in the Finals, he can not overtake what the Warriors have built this season. "You can't take a peek somewhere and lose your man". There aren't many defenders who can stick with Curry for eight seconds without help. "I wouldn't be in this if I was thinking just one game". It just shows you that Curry doesn't have a lot of class as a player.

But James refused to do his interview session at the podium after the game, reportedly unhappy with having to wait until after the coaches and the winning players. He has attended team meetings but watched all but three playoff games from the locker room as his team swatted aside Portland, Utah and San Antonio. "We forced them to 20 turnovers and they still beat us pretty good, so we have to be much better".

Game 3 of the 2017 NBA Finals will take place Wednesday at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

It's the second consecutive year Golden State won the first two games of the Finals. So it's really interesting to see him fit into a team where he can roam and he can use his length, with that 7-foot wingspan.

Through two games, the 2017 NBA Finals on ABC is averaging a 12.6 metered market rating, up from a 12.5 a year ago, according to Nielsen.

Kerr has been sidelined by persistent back pain since April.

"I just think the numbers are totally deceiving".

"Their offense is constantly moving, so you've got to be locked in", Lue says. But I dunno. This looks awfully familiar to me. "He's an wonderful guy and lucky to have him".

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