Published: Tue, June 06, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Flint Official Quits After Caught Saying 'Ni*****' Don't Pay Their Bills'

Flint Official Quits After Caught Saying 'Ni*****' Don't Pay Their Bills'

Lyons was anxious about the Land Bank, which is tasked with the sale, rehabilitation, and demolition of tax-foreclosed homes in the county, being Flint's largest property owner to, she told on Monday.

"Flint has the same problems as Detroit - f*cking n*ggers don't pay their bills".

'I had no idea he was going to say the things that he said, ' she told

The release of the recording led the former sales manager to resign from his position at the Land Bank, which Ms Lyons said she is concerned with because it is Flint's largest property owner.

In the recording, Stair is heard saying "Flint has the same problems as Detroit, f-ing n--ers don't pay their bills, believe me, I deal with them", he said. I don't want to call them niggers, shit, I have, shit, I just went to Myrtle Beach, 24 guys, and I was the only white guy. The simple filtration systems that have been installed in most homes fail to properly reduce the toxins, so people are forced to crack open bottle after bottle and jug after jug just to safely get through the day.

Thousands of Flint residents are in danger of losing their homes due to unpaid water bills-but even now, a year and a half after the crisis was brought to light, that water remains unsuitable for drinking.

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"Detroit was charging all its customers for the cost - they weren't collecting from their residents, they were shutting water off, they were letting bills go forever, they were charging everybody else".

"The Land Bank is taking up all of the properties in Flint", she said. In the USA, land banks are usually government-owned enterprises and the GCLB is no exception.

The recording of Stair took place over two days and started after Lyons and another woman met him after receiving a tip that he was at a local bar.

Flint's ongoing water crisis has led many to express concern that more and more homes will be foreclosed as residents struggle to pay their water bills, and their property taxes.

"I am deeply troubled by [Stair's statements]", Michele Wildman, GCLB's executive director, told the county Board of Commissioners on Monday."The citizens of Flint deserve to have trust in their public officials". 'We're not going to let this die'.

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