Published: Tue, June 06, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Sony on its older games: "Why would anybody play this?"

Through a message on Twitter, the developer Deep End Games has announced that its horror game Perception will arrive tomorrow, Thursday, June 7, 2017, on Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

Despite fan outcry for the feature, Sony has no plans for backwards compatibility. There will be plenty of sales that will be featured during the event, with new ones popping up every day.

We know that Sony is quite active when it comes to esports as compared to Microsoft and Xbox, with tournaments Spain, Portugal, and Italy which have been going on for a while, the company wants to expand their palette and want to go to countries like the United Kingdom and USA.

This is a great feat for Sony and PlayStation 4 Pro.

No result again gives Australia hopes a cold shower
They will try their best to win against us, they will play their best cricket. "We just spoke about it in the team meeting then. As Australia had not faced 20 overs in their innings, the match was abandoned with no result with both sides earning a point.

"Yes, if they price the PS4 correctly, they can sell another 18 million, and I think the forecast suggests that there is a price cut coming". Last year, the company announced Project Scorpio, a new, updated version of their Xbox One console that boosts six teraflops and will run games natively at 4k. With Sony apparently backing out of the handheld gaming market, the company is now focusing on the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation VR.

Speaking with Time Magazine, Sony global sales chief Jim Ryan noted that backward compatibility probably wouldn't be used that much by gamers if it were introduced to the PlayStation 4 landscape.

As far as their games are concerned, both Xbox One and PS4 have their own exclusive titles and several cross platform games available on each of them. However, as Sony maintains a long gap (6-7 years) between each next-gen console launches, the timeline seems a bit early and it could be false leads. I think we're seeing that happening now. If you are trying to compare how the games look on each of these consoles, you will need to go into too much details as there is no significant difference you are going to find. Here are some PlayStation 2 games, but with HD upscaling and Trophies-it's not a real game without Trophies! Rumors indicate the PlayStation 5 will be the most powerful video gaming console in the world.

My point in writing this comes down to the fact that I want Microsoft to succeed. And it is now looking to the future of PlayStation. The PlayStation executive then confirmed that a PS Vita successor is not a priority for Sony.

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