Published: Tue, June 06, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Walmart testing store employee delivery of US online orders

Walmart testing store employee delivery of US online orders

Whoever in the executive suite at Walmart who came up with the idea of using associates on their way home from work to help deliver packages to John and Jane online shopper, well, I've got to hand it to him/her.

The "associate delivery" program would use Walmart's 4,700 USA stores and roughly 1.2 million employees to speed delivery and cut costs. They also say the program won't be voluntary for many workers, considering the company's low pay. One location in Northwest Arkansas and two in New Jersey will begin the program.

Walmart President and CEO Marc Lore said the service could be a game-changer in the age of online shopping and Amazon, which is expanding its existing unmanned drone-delivery service. This existing footprint has a walmart within 10 miles of more than 90% of the United States population.

"Imagine all the routes our associates drive to and from work and the houses they pass along the way", said Marc Lore, who took over Wal-Mart's ecommerce operation past year after the retailer purchased his startup,, for $3.3 billion. An unexpected benefit is they're finding quicker routes home thanks to the Global Positioning System built into our proprietary app.

Workers can sign up to make as many as ten deliveries per day, and can set limits on the size and weight of items. Walmart spokesperson Danit Marquardt said this gives associates a way to earn extra income on their drive home.

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Now, our latest test is taking this another step further and leveraging one of our greatest assets - our associates - to get online orders to customers' doors.

Participating employees will have to undergo background checks and a check on their driving records, Jariwala said. Amazon has something similar, as they offer same-day delivery services in a lot of locations across the country.

This new delivery system is going to be tested in three stores to start.

According to FOX News, Walmart believes the test program will show an overall reduction in shipping costs, while deliveries will take less time.

Wal-Mart's employees will be able to download a dedicated mobile app that suggests orders they could potentially deliver on their commutes to and from work.

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