Published: Thu, June 08, 2017
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British police know identity of London attackers

British police know identity of London attackers

It emerged that he was arrested previous year trying to get into Syria, yet was still able to get into Britain, BBC reported.

"Last year. when I went to England, he was. more rigid", Collina, an Italian convert to Islam, told reporters in a series of interviews at her home in Bologna, Italy.

Zaghba, an Italian national of Moroccan descent, initially told his mother that he wanted to go to Syria to start a family in a religious Islamic climate - not to fight.

The Met's Counter Terrorism Command has released the names and photographs of two men shot dead by police following the terrorist attack on London Bridge and Borough Market on Saturday, 3 June.

Authorities said 36 people remained in hospital, with 18 in a critical condition.

Pedestrians were struck by a van on London Bridge before attackers stabbed a police officer and revellers around Borough Market with 12in knives.

Police shot and killed the three attackers within eight minutes of receiving an emergency call, police said.

Butt had appeared in a documentary called "The Jihadis Next Door," broadcast previous year by Britain's Channel 4, as part of a group of men who unfurled an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) flag in a park. So far officers have arrested 12 people - seven women and five men - and searched six properties - four on Sunday and a further two properties today. But no arrests were made, police said.

"It is a frightful thing, something that should not happen", she said.

Hedge, who moved to London a year ago, had just finished her shift at Elliot's restaurant and was having a drink with her boyfriend when the attack started, Ross Hedge told The Courier Mail of Brisbane.

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British Prime Minister Theresa May said police had identified all three attackers and would release their names "when the investigation permits". It is nearly certain that the identity of the three men is known, although not yet whether, as is likely, they had appeared previously on the "radar screen" of the security services.

The attackers were then confronted by the firearms officers and eight police firearms officers discharged their weapons.

"The police are working hard to establish the identity of all those who were tragically killed or injured in the event on Saturday night", May added.

Khuram Shazad Butt was a 27-year-old Pakistani-born Briton known to authorities, according to a statement issued by London police. All three attacks have been claimed by the Islamic State group.

It was not immediately clear how the three knew each other, but Collina said she recognized both Butt and Elkhdar as friends of her son.

Another key figure in the film is Abu Haleema, who has been subject to intensive monitoring by the security services after they discovered his close contacts with a teenager - later to become the youngest child in Britain to be convicted of a terrorism offence.

As outrage grows over the revelation that at least one of the London attackers was a well-known Islamist, authorities admitted on Tuesday that their hands were often tied in tackling even known threats. The mayor had instead been telling London residents not to be concerned by a stepped-up police presence in the city following the attack.

A former colleague said: "It was well-known that he had appeared in this extremist documentary - but he was asked to leave London Underground not because of that, but due to poor attendance".

"It is seeking to project its influence and maintain its relevance by inspiring, encouraging, and - though there does not appear to be evidence of this in the latest United Kingdom plots to date - directing attacks in Europe and elsewhere", he said.

Reaction to the attack has dominated the final days of campaigning before Thursday's general election, with opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and others criticizing May for cutting police numbers by roughly 20,000 during her tenure as home secretary.

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