Published: Thu, June 08, 2017
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Gulf crisis: Trump gloats about his Saudi visit 'paying off'

Gulf crisis: Trump gloats about his Saudi visit 'paying off'

DONALD Trump has taken credit for the isolation of Qatar by other Arab countries over its alleged support of terrorism in the region.

According to Jordan's government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani, the Jordanian government has also revoked the license of Al Jazeera, preventing the network from operating in Jordan. They also cut off food shipments to Qatar, prompting a dash to supermarkets for residents - although for now it seems that Doha has the economic resources to weather the storm in the short-term.

"They said they would take a hard line on funding. extremism, and all reference was pointing to Qatar", he said.

The official said that given the turmoil, Qatar's leaders may try to reassure United States central command that Al-Udeid operations are secure to keep Trump from backing dramatic Saudi action. But Qatar has rejected the accusations as "unjustified" and "baseless".

The UAE said on Tuesday that it would consider reestablishing ties, but only after it was provided with a "guaranteed roadmap to rebuild confidence after our covenants were broken".

"The General Authority of Civil Aviation has made a decision to cancel all licences granted to Qatar Airways and to close all of its offices in the kingdom within 48 hours", a statement carried by the official SPA news agency said.

The regional spat has complicated consequences for the West, and especially the United States.

President Donald Trump spoke to Qatar's emir today, offering U.S. mediation in a crisis that has split Washington's allies and pushed regional powers toward confrontation.

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It was unclear how Trump's broadside against Qatar might affect the US -led coalition fighting IS.

When asked about the Saudi arch-rival in the region Iran, Jubeir called it "an aggressive and hostile state" that would probably try to exploit the situation which would only make it worse for Qatar. Trump said, arguing that his visit to Saudi Arabia was "already paying off".

The International Air Transport Association called on the countries that acted against Qatar to restore air links with the country, warning of major travel disruptions.

Tajwar said the number of stranded Pakistani passengers was not clear because they were customers of Qatar Airways, but PIA was in contact with the Pakistani embassy in Doha to get details. Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello said the ban took effect Tuesday, but there is no plan yet to repatriate the more than 200,000 Filipino workers in Qatar.

"They have to change their policies" and "stop supporting extremist groups", Adel Al-Jubeir told reporters, adding that Qatar needed "to act like a normal country".

There is also some verified information about Qatar's efforts to undermine the ruling family in Riyadh by encouraging some radical dissidents in Saudi Arabia.

Now, Qatar's critics say it has failed to rein in its support for certain Islamist militant groups - including Hamas and the main al-Qaeda-linked organization in Syria.

The split among the Arab states erupted last month after Trump visited Saudi Arabia where he accused Iran of "destabilizing interventions" in Arab lands.

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