Published: Mon, June 12, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

IOS 11 Automatically Deletes Unused Apps

IOS 11 Automatically Deletes Unused Apps

Apple previewed iOS 11, an update to their mobile operating system, bringing new experiences and hundreds of features to iPhone and iPad this fall. This is ideal for apps that users rarely launch but are afraid to delete out of the fear of losing any data that's associated with said app. Apple's tweaks and additions to the iOS 11 operating system that will be running the phone give clues on how the device will turn out.

Even if you're not familiar with QR codes, you've probably seen them and not even realized it.

Users can check which apps will be affected in the update by going to Settings General About Applications App Compatibility.

iPad developers will also be able to take advantage of drag and drop in their apps (I can't believe I'm writing that drag and drop is a feature in 2017!). Apps and games will have their own tabs and new app of the day/game of the day tabs.

As this screenshot from AppleInsider shows, iPads that run iOS 11 will soon be able to run all sorts of apps.

Apple described iOS 11 as "the biggest software releases ever for iPad, with powerful multitasking features".

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Again, Apple is planning to release iOS public beta next month, so you'll have some waiting to do. The official tagline for iOS 11 reads: "A giant step for iPhone".

It's unknown whether or not this was simply unintended or a new feature but thankfully iOS 11 is now in developer mode and won't be released to the public until sometime this fall. You can also access the Notes app by tapping your Pencil on the Lock screen, and text will automatically move aside when you add a drawing or image.

Now that we're all set, you'll just to enter this download link on your iPhone's Safari browser manually

Among other things, there are redesigns in the App Store, Calculator, and Podcasts, with a new app drawer in Messages.

Siri will get a "more human voice" in iOS 11, and Maps will have new cities, better navigation, speed limits, and lane guidance.

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