Published: Mon, June 12, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Xbox One X Launching This Autumn, Will Be Most Powerful Console Ever

Set to retail for $499 in the United States (which will likely translate to approximately £450 in the UK), the Xbox One X does at least somewhat justify its steeper price tag on a technical level. This easily beats the PlayStation 4 Pro, which should give Sony some concern.

While the highlight of Microsoft's presentation is the official unveiling of the Xbox One X, Spencer's announcement on backward compatibility could not be ignored. Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. You'll also be able to use all accessories and games from the Xbox One with the Xbox One X. And then there are quite a few new games coming for the console, including the latest from Forza Motorsport and Assassin's Creed.

Spencer announced that Xbox will expand the Xbox One backward compatibility library of almost 400 popular Xbox 360 games to include original Xbox classics, starting with fan favourite "Crimson Skies". Instead, all current-gen Xbox games will come out for both the Xbox One S and and Xbox One X, but with better, high-res graphics and other improvements on the higher-end box.

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While Sony had played its cards by launching the PlayStation 4 Pro previous year in the US, Microsoft was patiently working to deliver its new console Xbox One X which was revealed at E3 2017. Not only that, we also have a release date!

Microsoft says that the Xbox One X is the smallest console it's ever released, an impressive accomplishment on the company's part because it's also set to be the most powerful video game system ever released. The Xbox One X is Microsoft's first console that's capable of 4K gaming, and features a powerful six-teraflop GPU.

Microsoft has revealed its flagship Xbox One console variant at this year's E3 expo. In contrast, the PS4 Pro makes do with only a Blu-ray/DVD drive. According to Greenberg, the Xbox One X was "not created to be a low-price product, but a premium product for people that want the very best console gaming they've ever seen". We look forward to the rest of E3 and want to see what the likes of Sony and Bethesda have planned. There will be at least 42 games on the console, 22 of which will be exclusive.

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