Published: Tue, June 13, 2017
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Cosby joined by wife Camille at 6th day of trial

Cosby has arrived at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania, during his trial alongside celebrities, including his "Cosby Show" co-star Keshia Knight Pulliam and his "California Suite" co-star Sheila Frazier.

The defense wrapped up its closing arguments around 12:30 p.m.

The sole witness for the defense was the detective who led the 2005 investigation, Richard Schaffer, who previously took the stand during the prosecution's case.

Those wondering if Camille Cosby was still riding with Bill Cosby or not can relax. Prosecutors have said that Cosby in both cases took advantage of a young woman seeking career advice and used drugs to facilitate sex abuse.

Cosby has pleaded not guilty to the three charges of aggravated indecent assault and maintains that his encounter with Constand was consensual.

Andrea Constand watched from the front row of the packed courtroom gallery on Monday as Cosby's lawyers spent almost two hours seizing on inconsistencies in her story in a final push for acquittal. She sat in the front row of the courtroom. McMonagle, looking to raise doubts about her motives, reminded jurors that she contacted a lawyer who specializes in sexual assault lawsuits around the time she reported the alleged assault to police.

Prosecutors are poised to give their closing argument Monday afternoon. Cosby lowered and shook his head in the courtroom as she spoke.

The big question going into Monday's proceedings was whether Cosby would testify - a high-stakes gamble that could have allowed him to work his charm on the jury but could have also exposed him to blistering cross-examination about some of the scores of other women who say they were assaulted by the comic once known as America's Dad.

Prosecutors countered by saying "fancy lawyering" can't save Cosby from his own words - namely, his admission about groping Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia estate after giving her pills he knew could put her to sleep.

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The prosecution presented excerpts from the deposition last week, including segments in which Mr Cosby admitted to engaging with Ms Constand in "the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection".

Camille Cosby has been deposed in a civil suit filed by an accuser and had been active behind the scenes in developing strategy in the criminal case, according to sources familiar with defense preparations.

Cosby's testimony in her civil case shows just how hard a witness he would be to control. "It's criminal", District Attorney Kevin Steele said in his closing argument.

The defense has rested after a single brief witness in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial. In a six-minute appearance Monday, Shaffer told jurors under defense questioning that Constand had visited with Cosby at an out-of-state casino and that police knew he had vision problems more than a decade ago.

Cosby confirmed to the judge that it was also his wish that no other witnesses than Schaffer be called.

Cosby says his attorneys won't call any character witnesses.

Camille Cosby is the first member of his family to join him in arriving at court. The couple have four daughters.

Cosby only said "yes", "no", and "correct", answering O'Neill's questions with vigor.

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