Published: Tue, June 13, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

'Pokemon GO' events announced, kicks off on June 13

'Pokemon GO' events announced, kicks off on June 13

The summer Solstice event has a June 13 start date and a 9pm United Kingdom start time.

The Pokemon GO Fire and Ice Event will go live on Tuesday, June 13 at 1PM PDT, which is 9PM for us United Kingdom based players.

Following Apple's iOS 11 update, Pokemon Go is expected to behave even more realistically with the world around you.

Just like in other events in the previous months, players can also earn extra XP by attempting certain actions.

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This Fire and Ice event begins at 1PM Pacific Time on June 13th, 2017. Other regions would have similar events from June to September, as well.

Pokemon Go events have been giving the users the right amount of bonuses to keep them hooked to the game, and if anything, the event, which is lined up to be the first big one is called Solstice Event and operates on the same note.

As Niantic suggests, two solstice events are coming to planet Earth this week. According to Niantics, fans will get to participate in a variety of activities although they did not reveal what. While Niantic has been completely transparent about the date and time of the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago, the developer has provided very little details about what exactly would happen on July 22. While the game is but a shadow of the juggernaut that it once was when it first launched, it remains a mobile title that commands millions of players worldwide. To correlate between the two, Niantic's release will include both Ice and Fire-type Pokemon - the lists of the Pokemon that'll be appearing is as follows. That update, which has been teased for a release this summer by Niantic, would add hard-to-get Pokemon to the game and fans would surely love to snaps photos of their collection of legendaries out and about.

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