Published: Tue, June 13, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Xbox One X Pre-order Updates

The new Xbox will go on sale on November 7, it was confirmed, and it has the ability to show games in "true 4K" not seen before, the firm says.

A full set of specs is already known courtesy of Eurogamer, which was lucky enough to get an exclusive hands-on preview with the console.

To be fair, Microsoft did forewarn that the Scorpio will be one expensive product and that it cost way more than the Xbox One S. While $499 may be prohibitively expensive for some, it is in line with some predictions. Xbox One X has been created to play games at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Which means, all existing Xbox One titles should look better on the Xbox One X due to enhanced visual fidelity, anisotropic filtering, and faster loading times. And can you imagine kids at Christmas telling their parents they want an "Xbox One X", the parents hearing "Xbox One S" and then the parents hearing it from the kids for the next six months?

Native 4K rendering is just one aspect.

Microsoft is also courting players by working to make more popular games from earlier Xbox console versions playable on its latest hardware. As a comparison, Redmond's current gaming consoles Xbox One and One S deliver 1.3TFLOPS and 1.4 TFLOPS respectively. What's there instead is an adapter that lets owners use the peripheral with one of the console's USB ports and an extra external power supply.

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It will also have the power to improve picture quality on televisions without 4K capability, as well as shorten loading times on older games.

Spatial surround sound, will meanwhile, help in giving 7.1 setups a boost (it will also be unlockable in the Xbox One).

So, with the 42 new titles and the most powerful console ever, gamers couldn't have asked for more from Microsoft.

According to Comic Book, Choudhry said it is not only the most powerful console ever but is also the smallest Xbox console ever made.

But it is in the compute units where the difference really kicks in with the next generation Xbox One X, with Microsoft having included 40 computer units in this new machine.

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