Published: Wed, June 14, 2017
National | By Rosalie Gross

Huge fire engulfs west London apartment block

A 2014 newsletter recommended a "stay put" policy because the tower block had been created to "rigorous fire safety standards" (via The Independent).

The London Fire Brigade have confirmed there are fatalities after a huge fire destroyed the block in North Kensington, with witnesses reporting residents caught in the flames. We will cooperate with the relevant authorities and emergency services and fully support their enquiries into the causes of this fire at the appropriate time.

Residents are still trapped in the burning building.

"Based on the level of resources needed at this fire we declared this a major incident very early this morning".

"It's the most terrifying thing I've ever seen".

"I was just screaming at people: "Get out, get out" and they were screaming back at me: "We can't, the corridors are full of smoke", he told BBC Radio.

Samira Lamrani said she saw a woman try to save a baby by dropping it from a window "on the ninth or 10th floor" to waiting members of the public below.

She told LBC: "One woman actually threw her son out of the window".

"I went inside, grabbed my little girl and my girlfriend, and ran. We were just standing screaming and they were screaming". There was heavy smoke in the hallway.

"One year ago the council renovated the building both externally and internally", Sha said.

Khan also confirmed several fatalities, and said that while 50 people are now being treated in hospital, the "fire service is dealing with a rapidly changing situation and these numbers are likely to rise".

Fire crews will be tackling the fire for at least the next 24 hours, Cotton said.

London's fire commissioner says there have been a number of fatalities in a high-rise fire in west London.

A witness told Reuters she feared not all the residents had escaped the fire. She says firefighters are still working and she can't say how many people may have died.

The London Fire Brigade tweeted that the fire involved the second to the top floor of the 27-story building.

2 guards killed by inmates during bus transport in Georgia
Numerous people responding to the tragedy online don't even know the officers, but they still consider them to be like family. Dubose was sentenced up to 20 years in prison for armed robbery, aggravated assault and theft in 2014.

Hanan Wahabi, 39, told AFP she escaped with her husband and son, 16, and daughter, eight, but feared for her brother and his family who live on the 21st floor.

Many people at St.

The 24-storey building underwent renovations that were completed as recently as May 2016, but residents of the building had been warning about a fire threat since 2012, a year before the renovations began.

Thirty people have been taken to five hospitals, LAS said.

But Mr King, the honorary administrative secretary of the group, said the review its report recommended had been shelved by successive ministers over the past four years. It is not clear if people are trapped inside.

London's hospitals and ambulance service and police have similarly responded brilliantly to this crisis. An updated figure was not available.

In late morning, London police said six people had been killed and the death toll was likely to rise.

London Fire Brigade said the cause of the fire was still being investigated, but several residents reported one man had said it started in his faulty fridge.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Exact numbers were not given, but London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton said the blaze presented "extremely challenging and very hard conditions to rescue people and bring this fire under control".

"Over 200 firefighters and officers are attending this incident, with 40 fire engines and a range of other specialist vehicles, including 14 fire rescue units at the scene".

The building is the Grenfell Tower in the North Kensington area.

Helicopters hovered overhead. Exhausted firefighters sprawled on the pavement just inside the police cordon, drinking water from plastic bottles.

"I'm 100 meters away and I'm absolutely covered in ash", eyewitness George Clarke told the BBC.

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