Published: Fri, June 16, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Donald Trump being probed for possible obstruction of justice

CNN is suing the Justice Department for copies of fired FBI Director James Comey's personal memos on his interactions with President Donald Trump. He said he did, though he added that he has "no idea" if Trump does since he isn't kept abreast of the probe.

While he has not provided them to the House and Senate committees leading the Russian Federation investigations, Comey or one of his associates has provided them to The New York Times-known for its strong anti-Trump bias-and Comey has given them to special counsel Robert Mueller, his long-time friend.

Just days after Comey's detailed testimony about his private exchanges with the president put the White House on the defensive, Sessions spoke at a hearing he abruptly requested over the weekend to help the administration regain its footing in an investigation of Russia's role in the 2016 election.

Trump's reference to the Russian Federation probe as a reason for firing Comey bothers Linda Richardson, 62 — but not enough to second-guess his decision.

But Ruddy opened a new line of questions about Mueller's impartiality - the fact that Trump had considered Mueller for the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's job before he was named special counsel.

The Washington Post first reported that Robert Mueller wanted to question Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence; Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency; and Richard Ledgett, the former deputy director of the NSA.

A spokesman for Mueller's team declined to comment.

Now, however, Gingrich is one of Trump's top attack dogs against Mueller - accusing him of being partisan, conflicted, and the "anti-Trump special counsel. We are not in a position to comment further".

It is possible, however, that the sources for the Post report could have been those interviewed as part of the investigation, not the investigators themselves. Feinstein says committee Democrats "are supportive of issuing a subpoena should it become necessary".

The FBI probe into Trump's election campaign ties with Russian Federation is now examining whether he tried to thwart the investigation, the Washington Post report.

Jeff Sessions asked Congress to let him prosecute medical marijuana providers
The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment blocks the Justice Department from stopping states that want to implement marijuana business laws. Rosenstein also said marijuana remains illegal under federal law, so it's the Justice Department's job to enforce prohibition.

Attorney General Sessions in his testimony this week stated that firing the FBI Director would in no way affect the investigation as all the same personnel is still in place. "I am following the historic policies of the Department of Justice", the attorney general said.

Comey testified that initial explanations that he was sacked because of poor leadership were "lies, plain and simple".

President Donald Trump is taking to Twitter denounce reports that the Russian Federation investigation is widening to examine whether he tried to obstruct justice.

The poll began the day before Comey testified publicly before the Senate intelligence committee and continued through Sunday.

Asked whether Trump's actions rose to the level of obstruction of justice, Comey testified last week: "I don't know". But Comey did lay out facts that a prosecutor could use to try to prove obstruction.

There continues to be a appalling amount of illegal leaks coming out of the investigative committees.

Chris Ruddy, a Trump friend and the CEO of the conservative website Newsmax, raised the possibility of the president considering terminating Mueller, a potentially explosive option.

As part of the probe, the special counsel has also gathered Comey's written accounts of his conversations with Trump.

The addition to Mueller's team of a prosecutor including Andrew Weissmann, Supreme Court advocate and criminal law expert Michael Dreeben, and others experienced in complex fraud and worldwide bribery cases suggests that the probe may be looking at more than "collusion" between Russian officials and Trump team members.

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