Published: Fri, June 16, 2017
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Israel's prime minister: Med pipeline would be 'revolution'

Israel's prime minister: Med pipeline would be 'revolution'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in remarks he made with his Greek and Cypriot counterparts after their trilateral meeting, said he was "excited" about the pipeline that he added would connect the three countries, as well as Italy.

Later Thursday, more than 600 people in total took part in two peaceful pro-Palestinian rallies organized by left wing groups.

Citing the Jewish roots in the city of Thessaloniki, Netanyahu suggested the historic connection of Israel, Greece and Cyprus- Athens and Jerusalem, as he put it-provide "the foundations of our common values, the values of human freedom, freedom of inquiry, equal rights".

He made the statement after the third Greece-Cyprus-Israel trilateral summit in the northern Greece city of Thessaloniki.

The EuroAsia Interconnector will carry electricity generated in Israel and sent via Cyprus, the Greek island of Crete and mainland Greece to European grids.

Iowa's Mason McCoy taken in sixth round by Baltimore Orioles
Through 42 2/3 innings, he struck out 58 while walking just 16. "He's been working on his control all year", Nomicos said. Asking a team to add over a hundred thousand dollars to a contract was not easy, and it didn't always happen.

"Instead of taking Netanyahu to the court for his crimes against us and not abiding by global law, he is to be received on the Greek land to sell the stolen Palestinian gas and to build a coalition against you and us", she declared in the video.

El Al's first female haredi Orthodox pilot flew Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a summit in Greece. Almost the entire pre-war Jewish community of 60,000 Jews in the city was wiped out during the Holocaust. "And when you look in the present in our region, especially looking eastward and some other directions as well, that's not a very common commodity", he said.

Israel-Greece G2G Consultation in Thessaloniki, June 15, 2017.

"The discovery of significant reserves of natural gas in Cyprus and Israel, Greece's strategy to become an energy hub in the region, and the possible existence of new reserves in the exclusive economic zones of Cyprus, Israel but also Greece offer extremely interesting prospects for this cooperation", Tsipras said.

The East Med pipeline investment project of up to 6 billion euros (6.7 billion US dollars) worth with a capacity of 10-16 billion cubic meters of gas annually is created to transfer the rich energy reserves that have been discovered in the eastern Mediterranean region to Europe.

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