Published: Fri, June 16, 2017
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Panoz aiming for Le Mans return with electric Garage 56 entry

Panoz aiming for Le Mans return with electric Garage 56 entry

If you think this would look good on the road, too, fear not - Panoz and his team are developing a road-legal model based on the race auto.

Today, American race vehicle firm Panoz and its electric auto company partner, Green4U, unveiled plans to create an all-electric endurance auto with the ambitious goal of entering the 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans.

American sportscar manufacturer Panoz has revealed the vehicle it hopes will mark its return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in a presentation at the Circuit de la Sarthe on Thursday. Don Panoz has expressed his desire to apply for a future Garage 56 slot and then put to good use the knowledge gained during Le Mans into the development of future electric cars.

"Our goal is to run our auto in a race, perhaps even applying for a future Garage 56 slot, and apply what we learn to our Green4U EV vehicle designs", added Jack Perkowski, Green4U Technologies CEO and co-founder. Currently, however, Panoz estimates the team would need 10 battery packs for Le Mans, as the auto has a 100-mile range in race trim.

"We pushed the boundaries when we brought Sparky [the 1998 Panoz Q9 GTR-1 Hybrid] and the DeltaWing to Le Mans".

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"Our team is focused on achieving the speed and range of current road racing sports cars", said Willis.

Other features will include active aerodynamics to reduce drag on straightaways and increase range and performance, while the most visually striking element is the offset closed cockpit. Rather than the two seats being side by side, the passenger seat is behind the driver's seat, like how it would be found in an F16.

Its primary goal is to match the speed and range of current petrol and hybrid racing machines using a single battery pack, before changing batteries in the same time it would take to refuel a conventional auto. As a result, Green4U has plenty of motorsports development, engineering and manufacturing expertise and capabilities under its belt. In addition, Green4U acquired Panoz LLC and Team Panoz Racing. "The development of an all-electric race auto that can compete with the best internal combustion engine race cars places Green4U at the forefront of electric vehicle technology".

ABOUT Panoz Following his successes in the pharmaceutical and resort industries, Don Panoz turned his attention to motorsports and made indelible marks in the IMSA sports vehicle, IndyCar and Champ auto World Series racing circles.

The marque most recently entered Le Mans under the DeltaWing banner in 2012. Panoz hopes the GT-EV, developed in Georgia, can compete with some of the best internal-combustion race cars on the track.

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