Published: Fri, June 16, 2017
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Rosenstein says he's seen no good cause to fire special counsel Mueller

Rosenstein says he's seen no good cause to fire special counsel Mueller

Trump has made no decision to act against Mueller and insists that he knows the risks of doing so but people close to the president say Trump is so volatile they can not be sure that he will not change his mind if he finds out anything to lead him to believe the investigation has been compromised, The New York Times said.

Sean Spicer denied Ruddy spoke to the president about the topic, however former House Speker Newt Gingrich tweeted Monday Republicans might be "delusional" if they think special counsel would be fair.

Asked about the Mueller chatter, Ryan said Tuesday that he'd only heard rumors but that the best thing for the president to do is allow himself to be vindicated by the results of the investigation.

"Chris Ruddy speaks for himself", Spicer said. "I think it is", Ruddy said.

Both Fleischer and Gingrich had previously vouched for the character and integrity of Mueller, who was appointed Federal Bureau of Investigation director by Bush and whose term was extended an extra two years by Democratic President Barack Obama.

"And Fox News reported that Comey's testimony was "closely coordinated" with Mueller and the special counsel".

"The attorney general is still responsible for answering critical questions from this committee, " Shaheen said.

'A lot of people' unaccounted for after tower blaze - mayor
Khan said: "As Mayor of this great city - the best city in the world - it fills me with pride to see our tech sector thriving". Khan then said, "understandably the residents are very angry and concerned and have genuine questions that demand answers".

Rep. Charlie Dent called Mueller "a very distinguished man [with] impeccable credentials". "I have confidence in Bob Mueller".

She said Mr Trump was not able to watch much of Mr Sessions' testimony, but he thought Mr Sessions "did a very good job" and was especially "strong" on denying any collusion between Mr Trump's campaign and Russian Federation. There, the job would first fall to the person who appointed Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, because Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from involvement in the probe.

Acknowledging the limits of his own authority, Rosenstein suggested to a Senate panel on Tuesday that he wouldn't just take marching orders from Trump if asked to do something that's not prescribed in the regulations.

While Trump as president would be within his right to fire Mueller, that potential move is largely seen as problematic for a president already plagued by suggestions he have overstepped his boundaries in his interactions with Comey.

Katyal put that nightmare scenario in starker terms when he explained to Maddow how the law is supposed to work: "The president does effectively have the power to get rid of Mueller". White House frustrations with the Justice Department spilled into public view last week, when Trump on Twitter criticized the legal strategy in defending his proposed travel ban. "It's beyond possibility to me that anyone is considering taking that kind of action".

"Media pundits generally dismissed concerns over the Democratic Party ties of the staff Mueller is building", the report said.

The comment received immediate criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

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