Published: Sat, June 17, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Many Cuban exiles embrace Trump policy but want more

Many Cuban exiles embrace Trump policy but want more

In the days following the death of Fidel Castro, then-President-elect Donald Trump did exactly what one might expect: He took to Twitter.

Trump called for more restrictions on to Cuba and a ban on business dealings with its military, which controls a vast array of business holdings in the country.

For them, Trump's policy is just another variation of a long attempt to use trade, or the lack thereof, to bring the communist-led government to its knees.

Vice President Mike Pence shakes hands with President Donald Trump in Miami, Friday, June 16, 2017, where the president announced a revised Cuba policy aimed at stopping the flow of USA cash to the country's military and secur. Marco Rubio of Florida and others who lobbied the president to completely shut down the opening with Cuba.

Before touching on Cuba, Trump began his speech by discussing Otto Warmbier's return to the USA from North Korea.

"Until the new regulations are in place, the current travel policy will remain in effect", the Oneworld carrier says. "The policy also mandates regular reporting on Cuba's progress - if any - toward greater political and economic freedom". Boozman and Crawford have been advocating to allow agricultural goods to be sold on credit through private financing.

Despite some of the restrictions imposed, Mr Trump says he will not close the U.S. embassy in Havana or roll back on key diplomatic ties.

The new policy is also expected to ban most U.S. business deals with the Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group (GAESA), a sprawling conglomerate run by General Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas, son-in-law of Cuban President Raul Castro.

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In his speech, Trump maintained that the new policy would benefit the peoples both of Cuba and America. "There is a tremendous opportunity for success in Cuba for Arkansas farmers, and the lifting of credit restrictions on agriculture is a logical first step". In response, the Senate should advance broadly supported, bipartisan legislation that lifts all restrictions on to Cuba so that the dynamism of American society can continue making a positive contribution to empowering Cuba's citizens. Americans will be barred from spending at establishments run by the Cuban military.

Klobuchar spoke at an airport news conference highlighting Lt. Gov. Tina Smith's trade delegation trip to Cuba next week.

Cuba's upcoming elections, scheduled for October, are now being overseen by an electoral commission, but it's still unclear whether they will meet the standards that Trump reportedly expects.

The policy changes partially fulfilled a campaign promise by Trump and aligned him with hawkish Cuban-American Republicans in the US Congress.

Obama announced in December 2014 that he and Cuban leader Raul Castro were restoring diplomatic ties between their countries, arguing that a new approach was needed because the policy the USA had pursued for decades had failed to democratize the island.

Trump supporters argue the policy change is needed to cripple the Castro regime and military.

"I am extremely disappointed with President Trump's announcement he is going to "roll back" the progress made in improving our relationship with Cuba".

Commercial flights and cruise liners are allowed to enter the island with American tourists; a Treasury audit is eminent and travelers must have a government-approved reason to travel to Cuba.

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