Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Connecticut NBC affiliate won't air Jones story

Connecticut NBC affiliate won't air Jones story

"The reason you are interesting to me is because I followed your custody case, and I think you had a very good point about how the media was covering it and for some reason treated you and your family and what was going on as fair game when they never would have done that if you were a mainstream media figure", said Kelly, a former Fox News host, to Jones.

Jones said on his Infowars website that the full interview he recorded will counter Kelly's upcoming report, which he labeled a "fraud".

The local television station owned by NBC that covers the area including Newtown, Connecticut, will NOT be broadcasting Megyn Kelly's highly controversial interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. She also seemed to throw some shade on the cable news industry as compared to NBC News' alleged higher standards. Megyn Kelly will also be interviewing one parent of a Sandy Hook victim in the special.

Kelly says she believes there's value in exposing what Jones says to the American people.

Jones himself has called for the the interview be shelved in the video below.

Girl, 3, dies during dental procedure
Thompson also said the patient was transported in stable condition to the hospital when she left the office. Araceli shared pictures of her daughter before the surgery. "This is not an easy thing to deal with".

Against this backdrop, Connecticut Hartford/New Haven NBC affiliate WVIT-TV won't broadcast Megyn Kelly's show tonight, pursuant to a memo apparently from the station's general manager obtained by TV Newser.

Picked up by Entertainment Weekly, the memo reads: "Whenever there is news regarding the Sandy Hook tragedy, we know that the pain resurfaces for our community, our viewers and for you, our colleagues at WVIT".

"Because those wounds are understandably still so raw, we have decided not to air this week's episode of Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly". Demands from supporters like you convinced them to do the right thing - but we have to keep the pressure up to stop this risky interview completely before it airs tomorrow nation-wide. We have considered the deep emotions from the wounds of that day that have yet to heal.

TV Newser separately noted that ratings for Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly dropped a staggering 42 percent from week one to week two and badly lost to a 60 Minutes rerun on CBS.

Kelly defended her decision to interview Jones on Twitter Tuesday, saying that President Trump's praise for Jones had helped raise his profile and that it's important to interview influential figures.

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