Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro Specs, Features

Facebook/xboxA promo image of the Xbox One X, previously called Project Scorpio, as a cover photo on the Microsoft game console's official Facebook page.

Xbox One X won't be out until November this year. What's the first original Xbox game you'll be playing? "True 4K, all the features you saw in the briefing at $499, that value proposition is great".

Though the price tag for the Xbox One X is high today, it will assuredly come down over time as well.

Spencer stated that Xbox fans should keep their expectations in check regarding the library of Original Xbox Games coming to Xbox One because only a select few Original Xbox Games will be available to backward compatibility program because of Rights issue And Emulation difficulty (technically it's a bit difficult).

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As for the PS4 Pro, it comes with an AMD Polaris graphics with 4.2 teraflops of performance and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.

"It won't be as big as Xbox 360, I'll tell people that", he said. How does "The World's Most Powerful Console", according to Microsoft, compare to the PlayStation 4 Pro? "The focus I had on this show was games you're going to get to play in the next year".

The $499 price of the Xbox One X makes it the most expensive current-generation console in the market, with some gamers claiming that the price is too steep. He was also asked about the UI for Xbox One X and whether it will be the same as the standard Xbox One. The team is busy working on releasing 4K games that run at 60 FPS which is where majority of the focus will be whereas this backwards program is primarily to add some hype to the comprehensive gaming experience Xbox One aims to deliver on the same console.

"So I think we've got work to go do there, but I think it's in our future". "A lot of our games, nearly 20 of them in the show, are going to be on Windows too".

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