Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Man attacks Paris police with tool at Notre Dame 'for Syria'

The injured officer is recovering in the hospital, police said.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told reporters that the man yelled "this is for Syria" when he came up behind three officers on patrol in front of the cathedral.

Authorities have not released the name of the suspect but said he was carrying identification that showed he is an Algerian student.

He said he and his wife saw police holding their guns up as they ran toward someone.

CBS Radio News' Elaine Cobbe reports that the investigation has been handed over to the police's anti-terrorism unit, but the police also said there was no confirmation at this stage whether the incident was a terror attack.

It is the first attack since President Emmanuel Macron won last month's election and comes days before a parliamentary poll in which opinion surveys show Macron on course to win a landslide majority. The man was shot in the leg and "neutralized" by police.

Notre-Dame cathedral is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris, and visitors typically line up in long queues to enter the building.

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Both France and Britain have suffered a spate of militant attacks in recent months.

On Twitter, authorities announced that a police operation was underway and that people should avoid the area.

A man who attacked a police officer lies wounded on the esplanade of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Tuesday. His motives remain unclear but he seemed to be acting by himself and it didn't seem like a very well planned attack.

Large numbers of police cars have filled the area on the Ile de Cite island in the River Seine in the center of Paris, according to Fox News and AP. Several hundred people were ushered inside the doors of the cathedral and held there as police subdued the attacker and swept the area, BBC reported.

A source close to the investigation said a video in which the attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS had been found in his flat during a police raid on Tuesday evening.

France is in a state of emergency since attacks by jihadists in Paris killed 130 people in 2015. That followed a suicide bombing in Manchester that killed 22 people.

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