Published: Wed, June 21, 2017
Life&Culture | By Rose Hansen

NORC poll: Few favor Trump move to ditch Paris accord

NORC poll: Few favor Trump move to ditch Paris accord

The fact that the CBS News poll shows the president's overall approval rating in the mid-30s isn't especially noteworthy - that's roughly in line with most other major polls of late - but the more Trump's support slips with voters from his own party, the more significant the political impact.

Only 9 percent of Democrats now approve of Trump, a number that has dropped one percentage point since Trump passed the 100-day mark in April. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points for the full sample. Forty-six percent of all polled approved of his response to the tragedy.

When asked about the objective of the investigations, 32 percent believe it is a political distraction that should be put aside, 27 percent said it's serious but not as serious as other issues and 39 percent called it a critical issue of national security.

'Secret' health care bill takes shape
Democrats concede that Obama's prized statute needs changes to shore up some regional markets where insurers are losing money. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said it would be "a non-starter" if the developing bill's subsidies are as large as Obama's.

At this time in Obama's first term, Rasmussen had his approval rating between 54% and 58%. Also of note, just 32 percent of those polled thought the Russian Federation investigation wasn't serious and should be set aside. Only 44 percent of Americans believe the Russians interfered to help Mr. Trump, while 31 percent do not believe Russia interfered in the election at all.

Seven in 10 Americans think it's a problem that the USA government should be working to address. In the latest survey it's 36 percent compared with 41 percent on April 26.

When Mr Comey testified under oath about his dismissal this month, his account of meeting the President disputed Mr Trump's version, and both said they hoped that there were "tapes" of the conversation to prove them right. Most Republicans feel the President is being criticized more than his predecessors and for some of them, that just makes them back the President even more. This includes one-third of Republican voters who now think that Trump is prioritizing his own administration over the nation in this regard.

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