Published: Sat, June 24, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Russia warships and sub fire cruise missiles at Syria: Moscow

Russian warships fired six missiles at ISIS targets in Syria on Friday, according to the country's state media.

As a result, it said, Russia has stopped using a key "de-confliction" communication channel set up to avoid conflict between United States and Russian forces in Syria.

Two Russian Navy frigates and a submarine has fired six Kalibr cruise missiles on Islamic State targets in Syria.

The surprise massive missile strike destroyed command posts and large depots of armaments and ammunition of the IS terrorists near the Akerbat town in the Hama province, where an arsenal of gunmen was blown up after being hit by the Kalibr cruise missile, the ministry said.

Russian Federation also said on Monday it would treat USA -led coalition aircraft flying west of the Euphrates River in Syria as potential targets and track them with missile systems and military aircraft.

The ministry added that Russian planes then carried out aerial strikes that "destroyed the remainder of the Daesh fighters and their facilities". The Cailber missiles were fired from the frigates "Admiral Essen", "Admiral Grigorovich", and the submarine "Krosnodar", the RIA said.

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Russian Federation is one of the strongest backers of Syrian President Bashar Assad's government and has been carrying airstrikes in the country since September 2015. This incident took place on Sunday, near the city of Raqqa.

Viktor Ozerov, head of the defense and security committee at the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament, told the Interfax news agency on Friday that Russia's intelligence about Al-Baghdadi's death is "nearly 100 percent" certain.

The whereabouts of the shadowy Al-Baghdadi, with a $25 million USA bounty on his head, have not been known.

It said this was part of attempts to move out from Raqa towards Palmyra.

"Taking advantage of the dark time and a hard ground relief, the terrorists deploy gunmen via various routes to the Hama province, where later they equip command posts and also depots of armaments and ammunition in large buildings", the ministry said.

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