Published: Sat, June 24, 2017
National | By Rosalie Gross

State Department officials honor Otto Warmbier at OH funeral

North Korea has denied it cruelly treated or tortured a U.S. student who was detained for more than year and died days after being released in a coma.

As the United States urges China to exert great pressure on North Korea, U.S. spy satellites have detected new activity around the regime's known nuclear test site, leading to speculation Pyongyang may be getting ready to conduct yet another round of missile tests.

A North Korean newspaper published a commentary today that includes their fears of Trump, even going as far as calling him a "psychopath", the Washington Post reported Thursday.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump said Warmbier's death was a "total disgrace", adding that if he had brought home sooner "the result would have been a lot different". Friday a spokesman claimed his death was a mystery.

Mr Warmbier, 22, a student at the University of Virginia, had been travelling with a tour group when he was arrested at Pyongyang airport in January 2016. Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years hard labor, but was sent home to OH on June 13 in a coma, dying days after his release, after spending 17 months in captivity. Pyongyang's explanation was that he had contracted botulism.

The casket carrying the remains of Otto Warmbier is carried out of Wyoming High School in Wyoming, Ohio, June 22, 2017, following his funeral.

The statement issued by North Korea's foreign ministry was aimed at defending the hermit nation against the accusation of torturing Otto Warmbier.

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After returning from a five-day trip to North Korea on June 17, former National Basketball Association star Dennis Rodman suggested on Friday that his visit may have had something to do with Pyonyang's decision to send the student home.

Just a few days after his return to the United States, Otto Warmbier passed away.

The foreign ministry official denied that Warmbier was abused while in custody, condemning "groundless public opinion now circulating in the USA that he died of torture and beating during his reform through labour".

The South Korean president, a strong ally of the USA, said that the North is heavily responsible for Warmbier's death.

KCNA says the North dealt with Warmbier according to domestic law and worldwide standards. He died on Monday in a USA hospital. He could not speak or move voluntarily, and his doctors said he suffered extensive brain damage. "I am anxious about other detainees, what they go through", he said.

Officials at the University of Cincinnati Medical Centre, where he was treated, declined to provide details, and his family asked the Hamilton County coroner not to perform an autopsy.

The situation has already clouded the foreign policy the USA has toward North Korea.

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