Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
National | By Rosalie Gross

House Democrats plan to roll out property-tax freeze plan

House Democrats plan to roll out property-tax freeze plan

More movement in budget negotiations Tuesday in Springfield as Illinois House Democrats have introduced their own budget plan.

The crisis has apparently triggered a population exodus as well, the Journal reported; IL has lost more residents than any other American state for the third year in a row, with 90 percent of the state's counties seeing a drop in population, shrinking the state's tax base. But it's going to need Republican support to actually pass.

Republican leader Jim Durkin said the meeting was constructive, but was visibly upset over non-budgetary demands from Speaker Madigan. "I'm not saying it completely meets every request of the governor".

Andrea Henry, Iowa DOT Director of Strategic Communications, says Iowa is prepared to make sure the project isn't delayed by IL budget troubles. So while they did make some movement on creating a spending plan, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Illinois House Democrats proposed Tuesday an increase in the personal income tax rate by 32 percent, a four-year freeze in property taxes and increases in funding for education and social service programs.

State Representative Greg Harris, Madigan's point person on the budget, said House Democrats' goal was "to live within the confines" of a revenue bill the Senate passed last month. He says the plan presented at the meeting is very similar to one the Senate OK'd in May.

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The $36.489 billion plan spends about $800 million dollars less than Governor Rauner's proposed budget plan of $37.316 billion, and is about $3 billion less than the state is now spending.

"The responsibility will lie upon the Republican leaders to take the positions that will be negotiated between the Democratic designees and the Republicans, to take those positions to the governor and persuade the governor to be reasonable", Madigan says. They also said it's almost $3 billion less than will go out the door this year because of spending required by law and payments mandated by the courts even though the state has not had a budget for two year.

The request in a Tuesday filing in Chicago federal court comes three weeks after Judge Joan Lefkow ruled IL isn't in compliance with previous orders to pay health care bills.

But, the latest filing says "the parties are at an impasse".

There's a hearing in the case Wednesday.

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