Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

How To Download iOS 11 Before It's Released

How To Download iOS 11 Before It's Released

So, if you like getting your hands on new software features and be one of the first one to try them out, this one is for you. After you have done that, the iOS 11 Public Beta 1 will begin to download.

You can get your hands on the iOS 11 public beta by simply signing in to the Apple Beta Software Program with your Apple iD, and enrolling your device.

Be warned: sometimes things go wrong with pre-release software.

But remember, you shouldn't install an iOS beta on your primary iPhone or iPad.

Head over to the App Store, and find the app you want updated. An encrypted backup saves all your Health data too. That's true of any iOS beta, but more than ever with this one, as Apple is removing support for 32-bit apps with iOS 11.

I'm ready to live dangerously!

Those interested in registering their iPhone or iPad for testing can do so via the Apple Beta Software Program website.

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After the download is complete, connect your iOS device to a computer running the latest version of iTunes.

Sometimes the update could lead to your iOS device bricking altogether, and there are many developers that have had issues like this happen in the past.

iOS 11 brings with it fresh features like the ability to send money to friends via iMessage and a "Do Not Disturb While Driving" tool which bans all notifications, calls and texts when the iPhone detects a person is driving.

AppleHow do I install updates to the beta? Apple's new mobile operating system is finally available to the rest of us - well, those of us willing to tolerate potentially buggy and battery-draining pre-release software.

But the big question is whether you should start using it now, or wait until it's officially released, probably in September. It's always a good idea to back up before updating, of course. The answer is simple: Downgrade to iOS 10.3.3. You device will open a "Profile", which you will have to install followed by a device reboot. Before setting up iOS 11 public beta on your iPhone or iPad, just back it up to your Mac via iTunes or do an iCloud backup up of all the important data.

When does the final version ship?

You can install this build on your iPhones and iPads, but here's a word of caution.

iOS 11 beta 2 introduces a very long list of bug fixes to address issues that were discovered in the first beta of iOS 11, and registered developers should read over the extensive release notes to get an idea of what's been fixed.

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