Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Int'l confidence in U.S. president sharply falls with Trump, survey shows

Int'l confidence in U.S. president sharply falls with Trump, survey shows

Overall, just 22% of people polled worldwide had confidence in the United States president to do the right thing-and only 49% had a favorable view of the United States, down from 64% two years ago.

According to a recent survey by Pew Research Center, which asked people in 37 countries about their views on the USA and its leadership, the median confidence in Donald Trump's way of managing world politics was only 22 percent, compared to the 64 percent confidence rating Barack Obama enjoyed.

The ratings of the US president fell in every country surveyed (including America's allies in Europe and Asia) apart from Russian Federation and Israel.

While 55 percent see Trump as a strong leader, larger majorities of those surveyed said they see him as arrogant, 75 percent; intolerant, 65 percent; and unsafe, 62 percent.

That number is down from 64 percent of respondents who said they had confidence in the US president at the end of Obama's term. Just 23% said they thought Trump "care [d] about ordinary people".

A new survey by the Pew Research Center reveals that President Trump is significantly damaging the United States' image worldwide.

German Chancellor Angela Markel said that she can no longer depend on the US after Trump refused to continue the U.S.'s participation in the 2015 Paris Agreement, which is focused on climate change.

Ratings for America's president rose in 2009 after Obama took office.

On policy, upwards of 70 percent oppose Trump's border wall, withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, and threats to withdraw the US from major trade agreements.

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The countries with the lowest confidence in Mr Trump were Mexico, at 5 per cent and Spain at 7 per cent.

Despite electing Trump, the American people are seen more positively than the a country.

Most respondents - 58 percent - held favorable opinions the American people.

Most respondents believe that relations of their countries with the USA will stay about the same in the next few years.

In contrast, however, 42 per cent express confidence in the long-serving German Chancellor Angela Merkel, while just 31 per cent lack confidence in her.

At the same time, most respondents have a favorable impression of Americans.

More than 60 percent disapprove of Trump's proposal for a temporary ban on people entering the USA from six majority Muslim countries. Less than one in five Europeans trust the United States anymore.

The survey also took a closer look at Israeli attitudes towards the United States, finding that Israel has consistently given the U.S. some of its highest favorability ratings, with 81% in 2017 saying that they have a positive view of the US.

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