Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
National | By Rosalie Gross

Island Appears Off Coast of Cape Hatteras

Island Appears Off Coast of Cape Hatteras

"Shelly Island" recently appeared off of Cape Point in Hatteras, North Carolina. It's being called Shelly Island.

A new island has appeared in the ocean nearly overnight. "It could continue to grow or soon it could be completely gone". This new island is also 300 yards wide.

The mile-long island, nicknamed "Shelley Island", formed due to the Atlantic Ocean's changing tides, ABC News reports.

Chad Koczera took a photo of the new island with a drone when he was vacationing and looking for shells with his fiancee, CNN reported. The local park service has also issued several warnings for those trying to enjoy long summer days on the new island.

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Still, it seems visitors are willing to risk some risky waters to explore the new land mass, crossing the inlet by raft and paddle board. The Hatteras Island Rescue Squad said last week that it had to rescue five people from the island after the tide rose, surrounding them with quickly moving waters and stranding them. He advises using flotation devices such as paddle boards or surfboards along with a life jacket if you attempt to swim out there.

Dowdle continued that there could be various "marine life", such as jellyfish.

Cape Hatteras is famous for its surf and beach community.

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