Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
National | By Rosalie Gross

Minor New York City subway derailment causes outage, delays

Minor New York City subway derailment causes outage, delays

- Emergency crews are responding to the 125th St. Subway Station near St. Nicholas Avenue in upper Manhattan following reports of a subway auto derailment at or near the station.

Video images on television showed ambulances at the 125th Street station in Manhattan around 10 a.m. Tuesday. Passenger Skip Suva told us, "We were between 135th and 125th and. the train started shaking insanely violently, the lights started flickering".

At least 34 people were injured from a subway derailment in upper Manhatton of NY city Tuesday morning, fire officials said.

Sparks from the skidding train briefly ignited garbage on the track, but there was no serious fire, said Joe Lhota, chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

"Storing equipment in between tracks is a common practice employed by railroads across the country to accelerate rail repairs", the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said in a statement late Tuesday.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who controls the subway system, has vowed to take emergency action to improve the system after it became clear that its aging infrastructure was failing.

The MTA's announcement ended speculation as to whether faulty equipment or the activation of the emergency brake had caused the derailment, the latest high-profile service failure from the state-run MTA. It is "under investigation", said the company MTA, which manages transit in NY city. "New Yorkers deserve better", the governor said.

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The South Ferry station on the No. 1 line reopened after $340 million worth of repairs.

"People were panicking, jumping out of their seats, just crying and praying out loud", said another passenger.

Three other trains were in the tunnel at the time of the derailment, he said.

Trapped in the dark, passengers were then asked to exit the train and walk along the third rail, which had been shut off.

The number of delays has soared this year and many commuters complain that they no longer can be sure they will be able to get around the city reliably.

It also comes less than two weeks before the start of Amtrak's summer-long work to fix aging infrastructure at New York Penn Station, a project that is expected to increase subway volume as commuters seek alternatives.

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