Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

North Korea vows to execute former South Korean president

North Korea vows to execute former South Korean president

Liberal President Moon Jae-in has criticized the rush to deploy THAAD while South Korea was still in the midst of an election cycle, a move seemingly done in anticipation of Moon's election, out of fear the new president would stymie progress on the system.

Ms. Kang also addressed another concern in Washington by saying that her government would not hurry to try to reopen a jointly run industrial complex in the North Korean city of Kaesong.

Trump's immigration policy, North Korea said, "raises the resentment of large corporations that earn profits from immigrant labor, and denies the multiethnic, multiracial history of the United States". Trump's remarks indicate a rising irritation with the repressive Stalinist regime that has been consistently threatening its neighbours that are U.S. allies with the use of nuclear weapons.

In May, it accused the USA and South Korean spy agencies of an unsuccessful assassination attempt on leader Kim Jong Un involving biochemical weapons. The Trump administration has sought China's assistance as have previous dispensations and, although Beijing has made some effort, that is clearly not enough. Support for sanctions is one way of pitching in for a cause that is close to Trump's heart.

North Korea issued a heavy threat to disgraced former President Park Geun-Hye.

Three senior administration officials told Reuters on Tuesday that U.S. President Donald Trump was considering potential trade actions against China over its inaction over North Korea and over bilateral U.S-China trade issues. North Korea has made alarming progress in its nuclear weapons program, and experts say the communist state is likely years away from developing a nuclear-tipped missile that could threaten the USA mainland. The conference took place a month after the start of six-party talks about North Korea's nuclear development.

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The remark attracted attention because of a shift by China - to not regard North Korea as something special.

Officials said they were encouraged by an interview with President Moon in The Washington Post last week, in which he said he would not necessarily cancel the deployment of the anti-missile system, known as the Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense, or THAAD. US officials have floated the idea of an oil embargo as one possible measure to force the rogue regime to roll back its nuclear program.

The statement may have been sparked by a report in Japanese newspaper the Asahi Shimbun, which on Monday, citing unnamed sources, reported that Park had signed off on a plot to overthrow Kim and even execute him while she was in office.

The looming unraveling of the comfort women agreement does not bode well for the effectiveness of the trilateral alliance between the US, Japan and South Korea.

The current situation in which the United States imposes military pressure on Pyongyang constitutes a "knife". Though these rumors were officially denied, they do shed doubt on ROK's unwavering commitment to the United States alliance. He also questioned whether Thaad would be effective in defending South Korea from the North's missiles.

"Trump is being returned to the reality of China that everyone who has ever worked on China policy knows is the case", said Mr Michael J. Green, who served as a top Asia adviser to President George W. Bush.

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