Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
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'The Conjuring 3' Is Coming, But Probably Without Director James Wan

'The Conjuring 3' Is Coming, But Probably Without Director James Wan

But, with all that in place, it appears the third film is reportedly not going to have James Wan return to direct - but why?

Deadline reports that screenwriter David Leslie Johnson, who co-wrote The Conjuring 2 and the brilliant trash masterpiece Orphan, has been hired to write the third adventure of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Still, the idea that Wan might not come back - outside of continuing to be a producer on the franchise - disappointed many Conjuring diehards.

The logline for "The Conjuring 3" is under wraps. Wan cares deeply about them and that care is reflected in the films themselves - they're not afraid to slow down for a look at their unusual but honest marriage.

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Safran recently told CinemaBlend that Conjuring 3 would break the pattern of "another supernatural possession in a house with a family in peril".

Ed and Lorraine were involved in investigating numerous cases including the infamous 1975 Amityville haunting, which spawned "The Amityville Horror" book and movies. "Right? So, it's got to be something different than that, I think". While Annabelle: Creation is slated to release on 11 August 2017, The Nun hits screens on 13 July, 2018. The first movie still holds the record for the biggest opening weekend for a non-sequel, and the first two movies grossed a staggering $638 million. In addition to the two original flavor movies, it has yielded the spinoffs "Annabelle", "Annabelle: Creation", "The Nun", and "The Crooked Man" (which is in development).

Are you looking forward to The Conjuring 3? "There are some [cases] that maybe aren't as well known, but [the Warrens] spent a fair bit of time researching and were part of [them]", producer Peter Safran said toCinema Blend.

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