Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
National | By Rosalie Gross

Trump will indeed voice his own robot

Trump will indeed voice his own robot

President Trump's ascendancy to the Disney World Hall of Presidents attraction has been delayed somewhat, due to creative differences between Disney's Imagineers and Trump's staff. Disney, apparently, has finally reached an agreement with the Trump team, though we still don't know yet how much involvement Disney will have in the crafting of the speech (if any).

Things got so bad that some inside Disney wanted the final roll call to have President Lincoln speaking instead of Trump.

For anyone not educated about this very important White House/Disney World tradition running since the Clinton administration, Disney World hosts a show featuring life-sized Audio-Animatronic (Disney parlance for robot) caricatures of every past USA president.

Disney isn't the only one anxious about Trump's place in the Hall of Presidents.

Those presidents worked with Disney to craft a benign, non-partisan message appropriate for a family setting, Motherboard reports.

But robot-Trump has to speak; each American President has his own auto-animatronic body double in the Hall of Presidents, and each gives a short speech to tourists. The president himself records this speech. "Disney officials are bending over backwards in an effort not to be seen as disrespectful towards President Trump".

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Is Disney's robo-Trump going to just rant and rave about Democrats and the Central Intelligence Agency and Hillary Clinton?

The show, featured in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom park, showcases past presidents in "audio animatronic" robot form, imparting famous words and well-known speeches to visiting audiences.

The delay was due to wrangling with Trump representatives over what would be said in the speech.

And on top of all that, Motherboard claims that Disney is particularly concerned about Trump tweeting about the entire back-and-forth between his White House and the Disney company. We're writing this speech.

"There are those at Imagineering who hope that if they hold off on doing anything with this attraction until the fall", the source said, "Trump may have done something so egregious that the general public won't have an issue with putting a non-talking version of [Trump] in The Hall of Presidents". "You guys have no input on this, '" the source said.

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