Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
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Trump's strategic seating chart for meeting with GOP senators

Trump's strategic seating chart for meeting with GOP senators

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Republican senators he is delaying a vote on the GOP health care bill until after the Fourth of July recess because he does not have the votes to move it to debate, two senior Senate Republican aides told ABC News.

The news of a delay came just one day after the non-partisan Congressional Budgetary Office said the bill would strip 22 million Americans of health insurance over the next 10 years.

"That part of The CBO report is actually a victory over the ACA because today there are over 24 million Americans that are paying the fine or are exempt and go without insurance", Thompson said.

Republicans on Tuesday postponed a vote on a health care reform bill proposed in the US Senate until after the July 4 holiday because they are short of votes to pass it. But as for the prospects for passing the Senate bill, here's what he said.

In the folksy analysis of John Cornyn of Texas, the Senate GOP vote-counter: "Every time you get one bullfrog in the wheelbarrow, another one jumps out".

While Democratic opposition to the bill, as expected, is high, GOP support for the Senate GOP's plan is very soft.

He disagreed when asked about the views of some that taking longer to seek an agreement will make it harder to eventually pass a bill. Ted Cruz said they will not vote in favor of the bill.

Trump's decision to meet with all Republican senators after the bill was pulled underscores his determination to get something done. "And that's really where we're sort of at loggerheads here".

"It's a big complicated subject, we've got a lot discussions going on, and we're still optimistic we're going to get there", McConnell told reporters after the lunch.

111 terminally ill end lives under new California law
OR was the first state to enact "right-to-die" legislation in 1997, according to the Associated Press. However, only 111 people of the 191 had actually taken the pills by the end of the reporting period.

The bill also gives states more latitude in requiring insurers to provide essential health benefits guaranteed under Obamacare, including emergency and maternity care and mental health services.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) blasted some of his Republican colleagues for their "weak-kneed" stance on repealing ObamaCare. Barack Obama and Democrats in the House and Senate circa 2009.

With Democrats unified against it and Republicans controlling the Senate by a slim 52-48 margin, McConnell can afford to lose only two Republican senators to secure passage, with Vice President Mike Pence able to cast a tie-breaking vote.

The House of Representatives last month passed its own version of a healthcare bill, but the Senate bill has been criticized from both the left and the right.

Originally, the protest's goal was to persuade Mr. Portman to oppose the bill, said George Tucker, executive secretary of the Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO.

The source insisted that a delay was always likely in the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Not only do the bill's flaws continue to be picked apart and the CBO score showing that it will insure 22 million fewer people than Obamacare continue to be shown on a loop on cable TV but also wavering senators will now be confronted with rowdy town hall crowds opposed to the measure and polls like these from NPR and Kaiser.

Collins is anxious about the cap on federal spending for Medicaid. He reiterated his earlier comments that the Senate will not take up the leadership-crafted bill until "a couple of weeks after this week".

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