Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
National | By Rosalie Gross

TSA agents find 20 plus pound lobster in checked luggage

TSA agents find 20 plus pound lobster in checked luggage

And while its size may have been surprising, the fact that a lobster was found at the airport wasn't.

TSA agents found a huge lobster inside a checked piece of baggage yesterday at Logan International Airport in Boston. Yes, as long as it's in a "clear, plastic, spill-proof container" and it's been screened by Transportation Security Administration agents.

"TSA officers represent a professional and honorable workforce that is trained to treat passengers and their personal belongings with care and respect", an official statement said.

Whatever it was, the agents were impressed enough to post a picture on the TSA's Twitter feed.

Lobsters, from the fisheries of New England, frequently travel out of Boston to the midwest or Europe.

"I can not speak to any airline policies, but TSA has no prohibition on transporting lobsters", McCarthy told the Globe.

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If you've never seen a terrifyingly large lobster before, well, now you have.

Mr Stanley said: "TSA checkpoints are not general law enforcement stops".

According to McCarthy, this live lobster was held in a cooler and "cooperated quite nicely with the screening process".

After the screening, the impressive catch was allowed to continue on.

The TSA even has an entire page on its website dedicated to lobsters.

The poor lobster, likely bound for a dinner plate, was still alive when it made its way through the security scanner adding annoying insult to injury.

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