Published: Thu, July 13, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker, Inc. (AMZN) Echo 2 Is Coming This Fall, Inc. (AMZN) Echo 2 Is Coming This Fall

It will pack in several tweeters to better rival the upcoming Apple HomePod which touts sound quality as its main feature. That's nothing compared to the HomePod's $350 price tag, but it has since been undercut by Google's $130 Home and, more to the point, the $50 Dot, which is now the best selling Echo product. It's also going to have improved microphone technology, so Alexa will be better equipped to hear your wishes and desires. The current model features an array of seven far-field mics, while the HomePod has six and Google Home has two.

It makes sense that Amazon is making such an aggressive push into the voice shopping space.

Additionally, you can use Alexa to search for videos by genera, title, and actor/actress.

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The retailer said the most popular purchase on Prime Day in the United Kingdom was the Amazon Echo, while the most popular non-Amazon product was the TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug, which works with Alexa or Sony Playstation 4. At this point, it's clear that you can design a solid speaker that doesn't take up a significant amount of room. The current Echo sells for $180 (although has been on sale at various discounts across the year).

On a global scale, the Echo Dot was the most popular item sold, more than 3.5 million toys were purchased - 309,000 of which were made in the United Kingdom - and more new members joined the Prime service on July 11 than on any single day in Amazon's history. Even then, it'll still have a huge advantage over the $349 HomePod, which Apple is also positioning as a competitor to expensive Sonos speakers. Representatives from Amazon didn't return requests for comment. But given that they saw a working unit that looked pretty polished, and Amazon is planning for a fall release, we wouldn't expect any significant changes.

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