Published: Fri, July 14, 2017
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Brandon Marshall Ends Interview After Question About Comment on White QBs

Brandon Marshall Ends Interview After Question About Comment on White QBs

New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall appeared on Kirk & Callahan on Boston's WEEI on Thursday morning, and the interview probably did not go how either he or the show's hosts planned it. The hosts brought up Marshall's comments from 2015 suggesting white and black players are treated differently.

"Do what I did: Ask for a release, get out of there", Marshall said. "That's all you want as a player - you just want a chance".

At that point in the interview, Marshall reiterated his belief that black men are treated differently in the country and let it be known that the subject needed to be changed or the interview would be over. "You got Brandon Marshall to say black guys get treated differently and I'm going to drop the mic on you guys".

In September 2015, while appearing on Showtime's 'Inside the NFL, ' Marshall was quoted by as having said, in part, that 'white players, specifically at the quarterback position - are treated differently'.

Before the hosts could ask their next question, Marshall said: "I'm done with you guys. Period. I'll just say that".

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Marshall then pulled off his headphones, got up, and accidentally spilled his coffee on a computer.

Brandon Marshall (r) competes for the New York Jets in a game against the New England Patriots in December of 2016.

"We done with this interview?"

When asked again about race issues in the NFL, Marshall left the interview. All right, you guys. Can I get off of this interview? Change the subject or I'm getting off. "Alright, I'm done with you guys", Marshall said.

'I'm sorry man, ' Marshall said, moving the laptop out of the puddle and asking for a towel to clean up the spill. Marshall said he took exception to how the Jets handled the releases of David Harris and Eric Decker, saying "both were wrong".

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